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Michael Cohen Distances Himself From Trump: ‘I Put Family And Country First’

Michael Cohen Distances Himself From Trump: ‘I Put Family And Country First’

Michael Cohen Distances Himself From Trump: ‘I Put Family And Country First’

President Trump has been putting distance between himself and Cohen ever since the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized documents from Cohen's home and office back in April.

Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, facing potential arrest in NY, has declared his first loyalty is to his family and the country, signaling a willingness to cooperate with prosecutors against the president. They are also looking into whether or not Cohen participated in illegal business dealings such as bank and wire fraud. Cohen's phone calls in the weeks leading up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid were monitored, if not wiretapped, which makes attempting to privately speak to Trump over the phone or in person very hard. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, which aired July 2, Donald Trump's former lawyer opened up about where he stands with the president now and much more.

"My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will", Cohen told ABC. "He said his "first loyalty" is to his family and country and said he didn't like the term 'witch hunt" - which Trump uses to describe the Mueller probe.

It's not clear whether Cohen has information that could help Mueller's investigation on possible collusion with Russian Federation and obstruction of justice.

Trump's former attorney also denied any personal involvement with Russian Federation, including denying that he went to Prague, a claim that was made in the anti-Trump dossier compiled by former British agent Christopher Steele.

Breaking his silence with ABC's George Stephanopoulos in a Saturday evening interview at a Manhattan hotel, Cohen was asked what he would do if prosecutors left him with the choice of protecting the president or protecting his family.

Cohen's statements to ABC included, "I will not be a punching bag in anyone else's defense strategy".

"I am not a villain of this story, and I will not allow others to try to depict me that way", he added.

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Last fall in an interview with Vanity Fair, he said: "I'm the guy who stops the leaks. I respect the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an institution, as well as their agents".

Trump initially said the raid on Cohen's office was a "disgrace", but later tried to distance himself by telling "Fox & Friends" that the attorney only handled a "tiny, tiny fraction" of his legal work.

"Simply accepting the denial of Mr. Putin is unsustainable", Cohen said. Cohen is enlisting a new lawyer, former NY prosecutor Guy Petrillo, who once held a leadership post in the same office investigating Cohen.

Cohen's thoughts - and loyalties - could be central to the ongoing investigations into what Trump campaign officials and other Trump loyalists knew during the 2016 presidential election, and the motivations for some of their actions, including Cohen's controversial payment to a porn star who said she had a sexual encounter with Trump many years before he became president.

Cohen has previously said that he acted on his own initiative in making the payments to Daniels. But in the ABC interview, he said he couldn't comment on advice of his lawyer.

"I can't imagine his lawyers would want him to do so". One day I will answer.

Cohen said he hopes the interview would be a firs step in achieving a "resolution".

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