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Michigan Basketball: Could Moe Wagner be the Lakers Kevin Love?

Michigan Basketball: Could Moe Wagner be the Lakers Kevin Love?

Michigan Basketball: Could Moe Wagner be the Lakers Kevin Love?

The Lakers gave up their first-round pick this year, which went to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Depending on how hard general manager Rob Pelinka wants to push the matter, he may be able to eventually break the San Antonio Spurs' resolve on Kawhi Leonard as well. James owns multiple homes in the area, and it has been rumored that LeBron James Jr.is set to play high school basketball in Los Angeles.

"The game, as you know, requires bigs that can spread the floor", Pelinka said.

Immediately after getting the message, the Lakers, the Rockets and Sixers signified their interest in landing the much-touted best player in the world in their roster.

That deal helped the Lakers clear cap space and put them in position to pursue two max free agents in July when Los Angeles will be in the running for LeBron James and Paul George.

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Neither Theo Pinson, nor Joel Berry II - the team's two draft eligible players - heard their names called during Thursday night's draft, but that doesn't mean it's the end of the road for either. "I am going to love it and leave it all out there [for the Lakers]".

Several important things to note about the logistics behind the trade. I think where his family is going to be qualifies the teams. "But the Lakers got not only a shooter; I can do way more than just shoot".

Despite the fact they haven't reached the playoffs since 2013, the Lakers appear to be the most logical destination for James. "As far as the passion he plays with, his unselfish nature, the way that he spreads the floor, all these things that we've seen on film and that we saw live a couple of times when he worked out for us, we're excited".

The Lakers went all global with their draft this year.

"I'll personally feel a sense of urgency until we win a championship, I won't rest until then", Pelinka added.

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