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New 'Time' Cover Highlights the Cruelty of Trump's Immigration Policy

New 'Time' Cover Highlights the Cruelty of Trump's Immigration Policy

New 'Time' Cover Highlights the Cruelty of Trump's Immigration Policy

Cover of the July edition of Time magazine.

Moore, who is a Getty Images special correspondent and senior staff reporter and was interviewed by TIME, did note the importance of the preserving the integrity of the original photo.

The information emerging about the child-parent separations on the border that resulted from the Trump administration's harsh immigration policy set off a cascade of emotion in recent weeks. The president said the border will remain "strong" but that detained immigrants will be kept with their children.

According to the "zero tolerance" policy now in place the child was probably separated from her mother there.

"It is also the policy of this Administration to maintain family unity, including by detaining alien families together where appropriate and consistent with law and available resources", the order read.

John Moore said he knew he was taking "an important image" when he captured a little girl in tears but that he "could never have expected that it would have had this level of impact". "They had no idea, and I did and that's what made this different for me".

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It's the 21st time Mr Trump has appeared on the cover of Time in one form or another. Moore was in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas photographing Border Patrol activities as people were crossing the Rio Grande river from Mexico at night.

The image was taken from a Getty photo of a two-year-old migrant girl who cried while her mother was being detained by US border patrol officials near McAllen, Texas.

Moore took the photo after the border patrol agents asked the girl's mother to put her down so her name and information could be processed and she could be searched before the two were detained.

Time first unveiled the photo on Twitter Thursday morning. Then they were rushed in a van and taken away. Moore further said that he really wanted to "pick the girl up" at that moment but he couldn't. "I took only a few photographs and was nearly overcome with emotion myself".

The Daily Mail sought out the father of the girl, and obtained more details about their asylum case - it turns out that the girl was not separated from her mother at all.

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