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'Papa! Papa!' Audio of children stokes rage over separation

'Papa! Papa!' Audio of children stokes rage over separation

'Papa! Papa!' Audio of children stokes rage over separation

According to multiple media reports, Border Patrol agents suspected a trio of vehicles in Carrizo Springs, Texas, were transporting illegal immigrants.

The crash took place in the city of Big Wells outside San Antonio after Border Patrol agents tried to stop the driver of an SUV, ABC television affiliate KSAT reported.

Most of the 14 occupants crammed inside the Chevy Suburban were ejected from the vehicle when the driver lost control during the pursuit.

Some injured were taken by helicopter to San Antonio, about 90 miles northeast. The driver was among those hospitalized, and a deputy who assisted the Border Patrol with the chase found the driver sitting upright in his seat and took him and the passenger into custody.

"If I was in Mexico, I would be coming across the USA myself and I would be getting caught and I would be getting in trouble", Boyd said.

Flores says she preformed CPR on three victims, checked pulses, turned people over and continued to help victims after medical help arrived. Instead, Sheriff Marion Boyd says this is all about border security, which is the equivalent of blaming a no-knock SWAT raid in which police meant to arrest a low-level marijuana dealer on the inability to stem the flow of synthetic fentanyl into the United States from China.

He added: "This is a ideal example of why our borders need to be secure".

Officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the agency believed the SUV was part of a smuggling event involving two other vehicles and called for backup.

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"I think we need a wall, in my opinion", he said, voicing support for President Donald Trump's proposal to construct a border wall with Mexico.

Boyd added: 'If it can be built, I think it needs to be built.

The U.S. leader, in a Twitter comment, again defended the border policy leading to the separation of children from their parents.

"Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those who died in the crash", U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in its statement.

Photos and video have shown children in cages or without beds as they beg for their parents. Adults can now be tried as criminals for entering into the U.S. illegally, causing them to lose custody of their children.

The recording fills a critical gap in understanding the policy of separating families at the border.

"We did see the children who were held inside here", he told CNN's Ana Cabrera in an interview.

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