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Boston Celtics rumors: LeBron James to Boston not so insane

Boston Celtics rumors: LeBron James to Boston not so insane

Boston Celtics rumors: LeBron James to Boston not so insane

"The way we handled things a year ago. we'll stay consistent with that".

By saying "guys said before me", Durant referenced comments made by Cavs forward LeBron James, who told reporters that no matter who won the Finals, no one would want to go to the White House.

"Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team", the president tweeted in September.

Steph Curry punched his name for consideration for Finals MVP after a 33-point, 8-assist, 7-rebound explosion, and a new NBA Finals record of 9 three-pointers.

Golden State is favored by four points in Game 3 on Wednesday night, and the Cavs are in a must-win scenario.

Russia's Shoigu, Israel's Lieberman discuss Syrian de-escalation zone
Assad told the interviewer he had no nickname for Trump because "This is not my language, so, I can not use similar language. President Donald Trump's description of him as "Animal Assad", the Syrian leader said: "What you say is what you are".

Alberto it is: First named tropical system chugs toward Gulf
Subtropical Storm Alberto will strengthen Sunday, making itself felt from MS to Florida as it moves north in the Gulf of Mexico. Alberto's winds had strengthened in four hours, with sustained winds of 65 miles per hour and stronger gusts.

Journalists Admit Trump Called MS-13 'Animals,' Still Declare Label Racist
The law goes into effect immediately and comes as President Trump and Golden State leaders again face off on immigration. It took an animal to beat a woman they were sex-trafficking with a bat 28 times indenting part of her body.

There were miscues aplenty, most notably when JR Smith failed to go for what would have been a winning basket in the final seconds with the game tied because he appeared to think the Cavaliers were winning.

"For them not to be invited playing our handsome game of basketball. those women are unbelievable at doing it", he said. Curry said that the Warriors are prepared to face the rowdy crowd at Quicken Loans Arena.

The victor of the NBA Finals, Super Bowl and other league championships conventionally receive invitations to the White House to meet the president. "I don't buy this whole thing that he's playing with a bunch of garbage". The Cavaliers just weren't connected defensively and it allowed the Warriors to get going early with McGee in the first quarter, but to their credit, they were able to weather the storm of the third quarter to give themselves half a chance in the fourth. The latest report involves the team that the world's greatest basketball player is now trying to defeat in the 2018 NBA Finals. We really get up to play at home. We know how Cleveland plays here, with a lot of energy and force.

In a statement motivating the decision to revoke the Eagles' invite, the Office of the Press Secretary highlighted how some members of the team disagreed with Trump over his insistence players should stand for the national anthem. ". I don't know where they will fall in my book, but they will have a nice chapter". It won't be Golden State or Cleveland going [to the White House]. 'Winning a Super Bowl or winning a Stanley Cup or winning a World Series or winning an NBA championship or a national championship is way bigger than getting invited to the White House, ' James added, 'especially with him in there, in my opinion'.

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