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Nintendo brings together Pokémon, Switch, and smartphones

Nintendo brings together Pokémon, Switch, and smartphones

Nintendo brings together Pokémon, Switch, and smartphones

This would make sense, and bring the games closer to Pokemon Go, but mean that battling trainers would be the only way to level up your Pokes; it'll be interesting to see if you can actually grind. The series will comprise two halves of the same game in Pikachu and Eevee versions. A return to Kanto would also reflect the more mass-market appeal of Go, which has so far only featured the earlier and more recognisable Pokémon.

This seems to point to more information on the upcoming Pokémon Switch game especially since Oha Suta called the news "shocking", which might have a connection to the leaked title Let's Go Pikachu. When used on Pokemon Go, the controller can also be used to capture Pokemon in-game in place of needing to hold the smartphone and simulating the ball toss. They're created to capitalize on the blockbuster success of the Pokemon Go smartphone game and a solid year of sales for the Switch tablet-hybrid gaming machine. The gadget will initially be sold only in Japan.

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We know the game is coming, and now thanks to Nintendo UK we might know news will arrive sooner rather than later. It was previously rumored that Pokemon on the Switch would focus on Kanto Pokemon, which appears to be true as well. That's could be disappointing, given that Nintendo is planning to roll out its Switch online service in September.

The second Nintendo Switch game, as previously mentioned, is Pokemon Quest, a "free to start" game developed by core-RPG studio Game Freak. "The next introduction to its popular core RPG series, which was teased previous year at E3, will arrive in late 2019 on Nintendo Switch for the first time", it said. However, it could just free-to-play like Fire Emblem Warriors instead.

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