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North Korean Officials Reportedly Stood up a US Delegation in Singapore

North Korean Officials Reportedly Stood up a US Delegation in Singapore

North Korean Officials Reportedly Stood up a US Delegation in Singapore

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo eased off us demands that North Korea give up its nuclear weapons immediately in exchange for sanctions relief, saying instead that the Trump administration wants Kim Jong Un's regime to take "credible steps" toward that goal.

But the U.S. can not protect Kim from threats inside North Korea. "If we can get the two to agree that that's the end state we're working for, we will have a good day". "A number of discussions have taken place below the foreign minister level", Pompeo said. "It could very well be June 12", the president told reporters Wednesday afternoon as he left the White House on his way to NY.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un fears he could be overthrown while he's away attending a summit with President Donald Trump, The Washington Post is reporting.

Mr Pompeo said the USA was prepared to walk away from the talks and a "bad deal" was not an option. He said they had discussed their mutual goals for the talks.

He was testifying Wednesday before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The spat between the United States and North Korea over what denuclearisation means raised questions about how clear Pompeo had been in his two meetings with Kim at Easter and earlier this month.

The change in tone came after North Korean officials blasted national security adviser John Bolton for suggesting that North Korea would quickly eliminate its weapons of mass destruction as Libya did - a move North Korean leaders see as a risky approach that could end with Kim facing the same deadly fate as former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

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Pompeo, who was director of the Central Intelligence Agency before becoming secretary of state in April when Trump fired Rex Tillerson, has met twice with Kim in Pyongyang.

On the other hand, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo adopted a more positive stance by stating that the USA is continuing their preparations as the summit is going to happen.

Pyongyang then accused US National Security Adviser John Bolton of making "reckless statements" for his suggestion that the North could follow a "Libya model" of denuclearisation. If you didn't know, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed by rebels sponsored by western countries after he gave up on his nuclear arsenal in 2003.

Mr Trump accepted North Korea's invitation for direct talks after more than a year of heated rhetoric and with global concern that hostilities might escalate into military confrontation.

It would be historic as no sitting USA president has ever met a North Korean leader.

Trump and administration officials "still have a couple of weeks to do their homework and realize diplomacy is a marathon and not a sprint", Carroll said.

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