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Scot Peterson's $8K-plus pension: It pays to be cowardly

Scot Peterson's $8K-plus pension: It pays to be cowardly

Scot Peterson's $8K-plus pension: It pays to be cowardly

Peterson's monthly pension, which began in April, clocks in at $8,702.35, according to a report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel published Tuesday evening.

These payments are based on the total number of years Peterson worked, and the average of his five highest-paid fiscal years, but according to a Department of Management Services spokeswoman, health benefits are not included in the monthly amount.

Surveilance video from February 14 showed Peterson waiting outside the school while the shooter went through the halls with an AR-15 rifle shooting and killing students and teachers.

Scot Peterson, the former sheriff's deputy who was caught standing outside Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School while a gunman killed 17 people inside, has retired-and will start receiving a six-figure, taxpayer-funded pension. Sheriff Scott Israel also criticized Peterson, saying he should have "went in".

Peterson gained national infamy in February after it was revealed he hid outside a school building while one of the largest school shootings in US history was ongoing.

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In addition, Peterson has been named in a wrongful death suit by Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the shooting.

Pollack said Peterson should not be entitled to his pension and instead suggested the pension monies be allotted for school safety. He aims to prevent potential shooters like Cruz from falling "through the cracks" of the education system, the Associated Press reported.

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter, Jaime, tweeted that Peterson's pension "infuriates" him in "ways people can not comprehend".

Assistant managing editor of the Sun-Sentinel David Schutz pointed out that the 55-year-old will receive $104,482 per year from his pension, which equals $2.1 million over 20 years.

Outraged by news of Peterson's hefty pension, Pollack took to twitter to vent. He hid while my daughter and 16 others were slaughtered! President Donald Trump called Peterson a coward. That money should go to actually securing our schools!

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