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Researchers uncover Anne Frank's 'dirty jokes'

Researchers uncover Anne Frank's 'dirty jokes'

Researchers uncover Anne Frank's 'dirty jokes'

Now, officials from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam haveannounced the discovery of two previously unknown pages of her diary-material that reveals an earthier side of its teenage author.

Researchers have found two hidden pages in Anne Frank's diary that contained dirty jokes and "sexual matters".

In 2016, during a "regular check on the condition of the diaries" conducted by the Anne Frank House, it was chose to examine "two whole pages [that were] covered up with brown gummed paper", according to the museum.

Anne, who wrote about her sexual attraction to girls in the diary, seems to have blocked out the entries due to their risqué nature.

Dutch researchers examining her diary have discovered a secret section, replete with dirty jokes and a 13-year-old girl's naive comments about sex. "As mattresses for the soldiers".

In another passage, she discussed menstruation as "a sign that she is ripe to have relations with a man but one doesn't do that of course before one is married".

"All men, if they are normal, go with women, women like that accost them on the street and then they go together". On prostitution, Frank noted that "in Paris they have big houses for that". "Papa has been there".

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Anne Frank's original diary, from the collection of the Anne Frank House Museum.

Experts said the newly discovered text, when studied together with the rest of her diary, reveals more about Anne's development as a writer than it does about her interest in sex.

The Independent says she "attempts an answer, addressing an imaginary listener with a lofty tone, using phrases such as "rhythmical movements" to describe sex, and "internal medicament", to refer to contraception". He calls the jokes Anne Frank wrote down classics. Researchers are conscious of the ethical issues involved in publishing Anne's innermost private thoughts, particularly given no member of her immediate family is still alive to sanction their issue.

Regardless, the uncovered pages offer a new glimpse into Anne's life and personality - and a reminder that, even in hiding under tragic circumstances, she was just a teenager.

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Writing about her best friend Jacqueline van Maarsen in the diary, Anne said: "I already had these kinds of feelings subconsciously before I came here". Along with seven other Jews, she hid for more than two years in the back-house, or annex, of her father's office building.

Portraits of Anne (right), her sister Margot (center), and mother Edith (left), inside the Anne Frank House.

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