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A Star Wars Story'

A Star Wars Story'

A Star Wars Story'

The two actors represent the legendary Star Wars series, with Ford playing Han Solo in the 1970s and 1980s and Ehrenreich stepping into the role of Han Solo in the newly released movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

So when Ehrenreich was asked in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Saturday about any advice Ford gave him in portraying the famous Star Wars character, little did he know he'd come face to face with his mentor.

A straight-faced and stern Ford tells the young star to "get out of my chair", drawing big laughs.

The hilarious moment was caught on tape and shows a stunned Ehrenreich get out of his chair and share a hug with Ford.

"You're sh-tting me", Ehrenreich says in the video.

Ford, who originated the role in 1977's Star Wars and starred in Empire and Return of the Jedi before reprising the career-making role decades later in 2015's The Force Awakens, openly admitted he didn't "give a rat's ass" about his death at the hands of son Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and subsequent exit from the franchise - but the 75-year-old actor did impart some advice on 28-year-old Ehrenreich for his turn in the pilot's seat.

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Ehrenreich was surprised by Ford, who interrupted the interview and jokingly told the young actor to 'Get out of my chair!'

"I think the first time I experienced that was in my screen test for the role", Ehrenreich told us.

On the one hand, this sounds exactly like something Harrison Ford would say about Star Wars, a property he was never that enamored about to begin with.

'I was just in the neighborhood, ' Ford says.

Ehrenreich was in the midst of answering a question about what advice Ford fave him when they met for lunch before production on the upcoming film. But who's going to read this and take me seriously? "I should get back to writing, Jesus what have I typed", he concludes". And he's just so effusive about the movie and it meant so much to me and I know for Ron and Katherine and everyone it's just such a huge deal to have him really genuinely love it, really genuinely enjoy the film, ' he added. You can take a look at the full interview, below.

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters on May 25.

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