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Church of Latter-day Saints cutting ties with Boy Scouts of America

Church of Latter-day Saints cutting ties with Boy Scouts of America

Church of Latter-day Saints cutting ties with Boy Scouts of America

The Mormon church is parting ways with the Boy Scouts of America after more than a century.

In a statement, the LDS Church said that the break with the Boy Scouts would be effective at the end of 2019, at which point a new youth program would be introduced by the LDS Church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will bank on nurturing its youth in a still-to-be developed program set to launch in 2020 that will likely include outdoor activities and character building similar to Boy Scouts but be tailored for the church's doctrine and created to roll out around the globe. The organization says it has almost 2.3 million youth members, a decrease from the 2.8 million members in 2012.

The change will also close the inequality in programming for Mormon boys and girls, a spokesman for the church said. Now all a sudden there were groups of girls grouped together through the camp, giggling and packs of boys following them with their tongues hanging out.

The church plans on remaining involved and invested in the program throughout this year and the next. Nearly three-quarters of Boy Scout councils are sponsored by churches or faith-based organizations.

The Mormon church chose to break ties with the Boy Scouts in order to more effectively explore and implement new, gospel-centric youth programs outside of the U.S.to better serve worldwide members, according to church officials. Any boy who is part of a Mormon congregation automatically becomes part of the Boy Scouts.

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Cub Scouts - A program of Boy Scouts of America that allows boys and girls from kindergarten through fifth grade.

As the Mormon Church leaves the Boy Scouts, there will be a loss in funding.

Since 2008, the organization has reportedly faced over 200 federal lawsuits, including many that claim abuse of young scouts by adults. "We can't say that it was a total surprise".

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Mary Catherine has watched her older brothers participate in Cub Scouts and was excited to wear her T-shirt denoting she was joining the youngest rank, for kindergartners. "The Young Women program no longer will emphasize personal progress for girls with its eight values - faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, virtue - and earning the Young Womanhood medallion", Desert News reported.

"While some people are without question shocked, this move does not surprise me the least", David Moore, a Mormon resident of Salt Lake City, wrote on Facebook. 99 percent of its troops are sponsored by the LDS church.

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