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California first in USA to require solar panels on new homes

California first in USA to require solar panels on new homes

California first in USA to require solar panels on new homes

California on Wednesday moved to require solar panels on all new homes and low-rise apartment buildings starting in 2020.

The California Energy Commission estimates that the solar panel mandate will cost homeowners roughly $40 a month on an average mortgage payment. It is the latest effort by the state to reduce carbon emissions, and if approved, it would be the first such mandate nationwide.

The rule takes effect on January 1, 2020, and will apply to any new single-family home, apartment building, or condo that is three stories or under.

Incredibly, the mandate's supporters are using the high cost of California housing to argue for the rule, by suggesting the new expenses will be relatively insignificant. The commission says solar panels will increase the upfront cost of homes but is expected to save consumers more over the long run in energy costs. "You have a front door, you have an HVAC system and you get solar panels".

Companies like KB Homes that already offer solar systems in their new homes are the best positioned to take on the new requirements.

The proposed new requirements would add an estimated $8,400 to $12,400 to the current cost of building a home, depending where in the state it's located, Raymer said.

Many experts believe that, if the United States to more actively develop solar and wind energy in the coming years, the country would need for the population to electricity at 80%!

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She noted in an interview that deploying solar as part of the home building process will normalize the technology for tens of thousands of families, in a positive way.

Regardless, the state estimates the proposed solar standards applying to most homes and many commercial structures could save California residents and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs over the next decade.

Already, the news has been a boon for solar developers such as Sunrun, Vivint Solar and First Solar.

Luxury home sellers saw only a 13 percent gain in value over comparable houses when listing solar energy as an amenity, the study found.

While the vote was a big step forward, the proposed new standards will still have to go to the California Building Standards Commission for final consideration later this year. In the alternative, a homebuilder told the Orange County Register that the additional costs in play would make homes less affordable for many buyers.

The state's building sector is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions when fossil fuels power plants are factored in. "We are also sending a national message that ... we are a leader in the clean energy economy".

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