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Destiny 2 Expansion II

Destiny 2 Expansion II

Destiny 2 Expansion II

Destiny 2 Warmind, the second expansion to the famous Bungie sci-fi shooter, is launching tomorrow and with it a big bunch of new content.

Destiny 2's next expansion Warmind launches on May 8th but Bungie has released the new trailer now.

Bungie has been trying to improve Destiny 2 since it began to lose players. Additionally, the updates come with Ranked Crucible play, new Crucible maps, Private Matches, and much more.

Bungie will reveal patch notes for update 1.2.0 during server downtime, so stay tuned for more information.

Lightning strike quickly, beat Bruins
Palat soon doubled the lead when he swooped in front of the net and deflected Victor Hedman's blue-line shot past Rask. The Bruins were left searching for the energy in the building that had dissipated since Rancourt ran off the ice.

Apple reports Q2 profits of $13.8 bn, up 25.3%
For the first time, the latest iPhones will be available across 900 cities in India from more than 2,000 Reliance Digital outlets. The company is the world's second largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and with a clear lead over third-placed Huawei.

India not keen on D/N Test against Australia, West Indies
While the nation is arrested in the IPL fever, Cricket Australia has announced the schedule for India-Australia series. And the Tests keep coming, with the 'Gabba getting a belated match from January 24-28 between Australia and Sri Lanka.

Today's massive update is throwing a lot of changes and tweaks at players: Exotics are getting retuned, new gear is being added and Mars is just begging for Guardians to return as an ancient sect of the Hive thaws out and starts wrecking the Hellas Basin while the Golden Age Warmind known as Rasputin adds a thickening agent to the plot. Ana Bray, a Guardian long thought lost, searches for a connection to her past...one that could be lost forever on the polar ice caps of Mars. The Guardians (that's you) have to fend off swarms of Hive and put Rasputin back to sleep.

The news comes alongside a brand new launch trailer that shows off the new features coming in Warmind and provides some of the lore behind the events taking place during the new content.

Available from 6pm United Kingdom time on May 11, the Raid Lair sees players once again return to Leviathan, where a Fireteam of six will be tasked with conquering the Spire of Stars. Players can also expect a host of new exotics.

For the uninitiated, the Escalation Protocol is a new horde mode-style activity, where you can take part during the endgame stages of Warmind. For every wave of Hive the players survive, additional waves will increase in difficulty.

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