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Kerry met Zarif in an effort to salvage nuclear…

Kerry met Zarif in an effort to salvage nuclear…

Kerry met Zarif in an effort to salvage nuclear…

"Iran will not renegotiate what was agreed years ago and has been implemented", Zarif said in video posted on YouTube.

My name is Javad Zarif, and I'm the Iranian foreign minister. On January 13 and April 13, he withheld such certification, an act that allows Congress to use expedited procedures to quickly reimpose sanctions (which would be a material breach of United States commitments under the deal). Mr Trump could present the International Atomic Energy Agency and others with "credible and accurate information" involving an "uncured material breach" by Iran and effectively sink the whole deal. Germany, France and the United Kingdom have suggested they have no intention of leaving the deal, even if the USA withdraws. This agreement can serve as a foundation for a separate deal with Iran which seeks to improve relations and lessen animosity. It didn't. This should render the agreement null and void.

Meanwhile, the hardliners in nuclear-armed Israel - led by its right-wing president, Benjamin Netanyahu - appear to be preparing for the inevitability of direct military conflict with Iran. The deal's defenders have dismissed the Israeli prime minister's presentation as a bunch of old news - just further proof that Iran once had a robust covert program to build a bomb.

Given Trump's apparent determination to follow suit and scrap the current Iran agreement, why would the USA expect North Korea to go down this road once again? Iran's mendacity is no longer the informed supposition of proliferation experts such as Albright.

Senior trade officials from Canada, the US and Mexico are scheduled to resume talks in Washington on May 7 in a bid to reach a deal on a revamped NAFTA.

Trump seemed unmoved, but on Monday it was barely noticed that after lambasting the accord, he added, "That doesn't mean we won't negotiate a real agreement". They are supposed to ensure that Iran is complying with its current obligations, and they've found over and over that it is.

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Coming from the zero-sum world of business, Trump prides himself on getting the best deals possible.

The accord saw sanctions lifted on Iran, with the country committing (at least in theory) to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. To date, the IAEA has certified that Iran has complied with the terms of their agreement, and a number of economic sanctions have been lifted by the global community.

The Iran-Iraq War is also testament to the fact that Iran does not buckle under even the most egregious pressure. "This was the core problem of the deal from the beginning".

Donald Trump is increasingly obsessing over his twin dramas of Stormy Daniels and Robert Mueller while blithely ignoring the grave global dangers of what is about to happen.

But the deal now in place allows Iran to amble toward a bomb, even as it uses the financial benefits of the agreement to fund its militancy in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and especially in Syria. Iran would likely pull out of the agreement shortly after America does, and pursue the development of nuclear technology, and most likely, a nuclear deterrent.

However, the US President and his new Secretary of State, Mike Pompao, agree with Israel and believe the deal should be dumped.

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