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3 women suing CBS News and Charlie Rose, alleging harassment

3 women suing CBS News and Charlie Rose, alleging harassment

3 women suing CBS News and Charlie Rose, alleging harassment

CBS News did not respond to a request for comment.

With 27 more women accusing former news anchor Charlie Rose of sexual misconduct, a report Thursday calls into question CBS News' claims that his behavior was a surprise before he was sacked last November.

Eleanor McManus, co-founder of Press Forward, a group of women who have been victims of sexual misconduct in newsrooms, said the Post report illustrated a systematic problem across news organizations that needed to be addressed.

The women include a broadcast associate, a news associate and Rose's executive assistant.

Rose fired Harris and McNeal following last year's Post story, and CBS did not offer them new positions, the lawsuit said.

The suit said that when Ms. Harris wore a miniskirt covered in images of roses, he told her "that the roses on her skirt are his roses".

The lawsuit alleges Wei talked last April to Ryan Kadro, the executive producer of "CBS This Morning", about the attention Rose was paying toward Harris, which Wei said involved out-of-the-office lunches and an attention to Harris she perceived as unusual. With the stories that have come out about the likes of Rose, Matt Lauer and Mark Halperin, the networks are making strides but women need to know they can report wrongdoings without repercussions, she said. The lawsuit also alleged that Mr.

Rose repeatedly required Harris to have lunch and dinner with him, where he would place his hands on her thigh and would point at other women and call them prostitutes, according to the claim. The suit also states that Rose referred to Wei as "China doll", caressed her arms, and whispered in her ear "Happy birthday, dear".

The lawsuit against Mr.

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The women are suing Rose and CBS for discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment. The lawsuit also accuses CBS executives of failing to warn the employees about Rose's history of sexual misconduct.

In a previous statement addressing the issue, Charlie Rose wrote, "It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior".

CBS News is also named as a defendant.

Rose then contacted Wei, who was an anchor assistant on "CBS This Morning" at the time, telling her, "My relationship with you is the man I am in all my relationships", according to the complaint. Hours later, three new accusers at CBS News made further claims against Rose. CBS "did not investigate the complaint, and did not take any remedial action", the lawsuit alleges.

In an email to the Post before the suit, Kadro said he did not believe Wei raised the word "lawsuit" with him.

Wei is still with CBS.

According to the suit, Rose fired both Harris and McNeal after the first Washington Post article was published.

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages as well as damage to reputation, emotional distress and attorney fees. Rose and Mr. Kadro shortly after Mr.

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