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Govt urged to craft laws that guarantee media freedom

Govt urged to craft laws that guarantee media freedom

Govt urged to craft laws that guarantee media freedom

The UN chief stated that laws that protect independent journalism, freedom of expression and the right to information need to be adopted, implemented and enforced.

When all Nicaraguans, Venezuelans and Cubans have the right to freely elect their representatives, be respected in their dissention and they be guaranteed the freedoms of meetings, movement and expression, only then will we cease demanding.

The world marks the World Press Freedom Day Thursday, an annual event that is celebrated to highlight the achievements and challenges journalists face.

According to the NGO, The most risky countries for journalists since the beginning of this year are Afghanistan with 11 killed, Mexico (4), Syria (4), Ecuador (3), India (3) and Yemen (3).

But an access to information law, which will enable journalists and the general public to get information needs to be rolled out, said chairperson on Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) Malawi chapter.

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Let us celebrate the freedom of press with dignity and with gratitude towards these journalists on this World Press Freedom Day. When supported, the free press has the potential to quicken the development of society. The attack, according to the union, could embolden those who wish to silence the Filipino press, considered one of the freest in Asia.

For her part, the Dean of the School of Communication Studies, University of Ghana, Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, said: "We have good constitutional provisions that are largely being tested but there are also dangers to the media".

The World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 after the adoption of a recommendation at the 26th session of the Unesco's General Conference two years prior to that.

"Fiji must continue to develop its own jurisprudence on freedom of expression that balances its constitutional safeguards for the protection of freedom of speech, expression, thought, opinion and publication including freedom of the press with justifiable limitations set out in the Constitution that are consistent with global law which expressly provides that freedom of the press does not protect advocacy of hatred on any prohibited grounds of discrimination", Mr Raj said.

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