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A Roller Coaster Malfunction Left Riders Suspended Upside Down for 2 Hours

A Roller Coaster Malfunction Left Riders Suspended Upside Down for 2 Hours

A Roller Coaster Malfunction Left Riders Suspended Upside Down for 2 Hours

Riders evacuated from The Flying Dinosaur roller coaster at Universal Studios Japan.

Recently, a video pbulished on YouTube after it surfaced on Japanese social media, wherein one can see how people got stuck when a roller coaster at Universal Studios in Japan suddenly stopped mid-ride.

After two hours, the passengers were safely rescued by theme park staff and no injuries were reported, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK.

A spokesman for the Osaka theme park said the suspension of the roller coaster was the result of the operator's priority on safety.

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No one was injured in the incident, and riders lined up to give it a go when the coaster reopened later in the day.

The park apologised and said the problem was caused by a motor-regulating device on the rails. The excitement to ride Jurassic Park-inspired "Flying Dinosaur" roller coaster was evident from riders' faces. In September previous year, more than 30 passengers were stuck when the ride suddenly stopped, according to NHK. Many park-goers were undeterred by the incident and queued up to take the ride as soon as operations resumed shortly after 7 pm on Tuesday.

"It's already a terrifying ride, so I want them to operate it safely", another woman, who rode the ride shortly before it stalled, told the Times.

Tuesday's incident was not the first time the ride ran into trouble.

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