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Nine students killed in knife attack in Chinese school

Nine students killed in knife attack in Chinese school

Nine students killed in knife attack in Chinese school

Male born in 1990 on April 20 this year in Shaanxi province attacked the children when they returned home after the school day.

The toll has risen to nine in a stabbing attack outside a middle school in northwestern China.

The suspect, named Zhao, reportedly attacked the children because he wanted revenge for being bullied when he was a student at the school, unidentified officials from the county's public security bureau said.

The suspect has been under the control of the authority and the injured students are being treated, the statement said.

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In the incident 7 people were killed and 12 injured. The 28-year-old chose to take his anger out on the current students - killing five girls and two boys, whose ages were unknown.

Seven children are dead and a dozen more are injured after a deadly knife attack in China, according to the New York Times. China tightly restricts gun ownership, making knives and homemade explosives the most common weapons employed in violent crimes.

But perhaps the worst spate of stabbings occurred in 2010, which included a period of three consecutive days in which attackers targeted schools.

Experts have pointed to a lack of high-quality mental health care in China and anxieties caused by social upheaval and persistent inequality in explaining the attacks.

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