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Diamond and Silk say Facebook silencing conservatives, in Capitol Hill testimony

Diamond and Silk say Facebook silencing conservatives, in Capitol Hill testimony

Diamond and Silk say Facebook silencing conservatives, in Capitol Hill testimony

The Trump campaign's Federal Election Commission filings indicate that the pair were paid $1,274.94 on November 22, 2016 for "Field Consulting". When presented with an official FEC document showing that they had received $1,275, the women said the payment had been a refund for airline tickets they had bought as part of a pro-Trump tour in 2016.

Richardson then claimed that the Trump campaign had made a "mistake" in listing them as field consultants, while claiming that the campaign had simply been reimbursed for travel expenses incurred while campaigning for Trump.

Lynette Hardaway, who goes by Diamond, and Rochelle Richardson, who goes by Silk, were testifying before Congress about alleged bias against conservative pages on Facebook and other social media platforms.

"This is a stupid and ridiculous hearing, and the only reason I'm still here is because I want to enter some facts into the record to at least try to salvage some of this hearing", Rep. Ted Lieu said.

Personalities Diamond and Silk denied being paid by the Trump campaign on Thursday calling reports of a payment "fake news".

"I hope you've monetized this", Trump told the pair, referencing their growing fame on social media.

The recipients of that payment: "Diamond and Silk" in Raeford, North Carolina. They now have almost 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and several of their videos have been viewed over a million times each.

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As ThinkProgress previously reported, the claim that Diamond and Silk were "censored" or "blocked" on Facebook is false.

Jeffries concluded his short feud with the self-proclaimed "most outspoken and loyal" Trump supporters by saying, "I respect your game".

If you didn't learn Diamond and Silk's names from Mark Zuckerberg's congressional hearing earlier this month, their own testimony on Capitol Hill might catch you up to speed.

"Facebook censored our free speech!"

"We were being censored", Diamond said in a separate interview on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning. "But after doing our research we wondered if Mark Zuckerberg was using Facebook to interfere in the 2018 elections by labeling users accounts as either Liberal, Very Liberal, Moderate, Conservative or Very Conservative".

"The Policy team has come to the conclusion that your content and your brand has been determined unsafe to the community".

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