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Last day to file 2017 tax returns is Tuesday

Last day to file 2017 tax returns is Tuesday

Last day to file 2017 tax returns is Tuesday

Include your name, address, daytime phone number and Social Security number or Employer Identification Number on the front of the payment.

Mail the return to the right address.

Accountants can be relied on to advise how certain information may be listed on a tax return but be extremely cautious if a tax preparer advises you not to list something or to state false information because it is "unlikely" that you will be caught. When it comes to paying your taxes, the IRS offers several options on their website. The failure-to-pay penalty is generally 0.5 percent per month of the unpaid taxes.

Here locally, all taxes and extension requests have to be filed by late afternoon, as opposed to the midnight deadline seen in larger cities.

In addition, low-income taxpayers seeking legal aid for tax-related issues can meet with representatives from the Low Income Taxpayer Clinics, which represent taxpayers fefore the IRS or in court on audits, appeals, tax collection matters and other tax disputes.

Not facing the situation leaves the person with greater penalties (and usually, anxiety, sometime poor career/business/life decisions) just because they did not file a tax return on time. That means even if you think you'll be owed a refund you still have to pay at least penny unless you use snail mail.

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"I really do like increasing the child tax credit".

Clisham said many taxpayers he has worked with have had questions about the new tax laws passed in 2017 and how they will affect what is owed next year.

For the procrastinators who put off their filing taxes until the last possible day, time is up. Your taxes simply aren't going to get done.

U.S. Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1040 Individual Income Tax forms for the 2017 tax year.

By Friday morning, with tax day drawing closer, it climbed back up above $8,000, the first time in two weeks it had surpassed that threshold. Last year, 112,000,000 refunds were issued, with an average refund check of almost $2,900 dollars.

According to H&R block, 61 percent of millennial's file their taxes on their own.

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