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Cardi B Recreated a 1995 Chanel Look Worn By Linda Evangelista

Cardi B Recreated a 1995 Chanel Look Worn By Linda Evangelista

Cardi B Recreated a 1995 Chanel Look Worn By Linda Evangelista

I'm gonna say this in the humblest way...

"Around Super Bowl time I told my publicist to tell him, because I was very shy, 'Listen, if we gonna go on a public date together, you can not make me look like a dumb-a** after this, '" she said. Mulaney said it would fit either gender, and that he preferred to call it a Cardi G. Together, the trio also talked about prom, but Bardi remained tight-lipped about her prom limo experience. Her tracks "Be Careful" and "Thru Your Phone" suffer from her singing. Now that her pregnancy has been confirmed, the singer is answering questions about her impeding motherhood, and if she is ready to be a first time mom.

It's official: Cardi B is pregnant! Then she didn't give out a lot of details just said that she was working on a "little something something" with them. There's so many things that I limited myself because I wanted a million-dollar contract. And on "Thru Your Phone", she's convincingly broken by an untrustworthy partner: "I might just cut all the tongues out your sneakers/Smash your TV from Best Buy/You gon' turn me into Left Eye".

Finally, Cardi B performed the TV debut of "Money Bag", off her debut album, in stores now.

'It wasn't planned, ' said Cardi, when her pregnancy was discussed.

"Progressing" Tiger Woods to take his usual post-Masters break
Reed loves a moment like this. "So I'm really looking forward to this year and the three majors that are left", said Fowler. He does his work quietly on the range, rarely without his wife along for observations. "You have to go catch him".

Facebook lets you know if your data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat on the energy and commerce committee, wrote in an op-ed that she expected Mr. Just recently, we've seen the #metoo movement and the March for Our Lives, organised, at least in part, on Facebook.

Alexa Announcements one-way voice feature rolling out to Echo devices
With Amazon Key's more basic features having gone nationwide, in-home delivery is likely to follow in the near future. The speakers aren't as good as a full-sized Echo , and tablets don't have the mic array you'd find on an Echo, either.

I'm a true eighties baby, literally born in the first quarter of 1980, and my first album purchase was Nas' perennial NYC street soundtrack, Illmatic.

Last week, West Coast rapper Game spoke on the importance of Cardi experiencing success with her debut. You may not like hip hop and you may not even like her. People didn't think that I was going to get here, so how are you going to tell me when it's going to finish.

"Okay, this is the first baby gift I have gotten from Jimmy Fallon so let's see what it is", Cardi B says in a video shared on Instagram. "I'm a grown woman, I'm 25 years ago, I'm a schmillionaire.I'm prepared for this", she declared.

"Okurrr" (or, as it's styled in the clip above, "Okuuurt") is Cardi B's signature replacement for "okay".

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