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April 10 Is Equal Pay Day

April 10 Is Equal Pay Day

April 10 Is Equal Pay Day

Today is Equal Pay Day - the annual observance of the date that symbolizes how far into the year the average woman must work before earning what the average man earned in the previous year.

Women across the country are observing Equal Pay Day today.

A woman with a full-time, year-round job in MS makes 75 cents to every man's dollar, adding up to a $7 billion annual loss attributed to the gender wage gap.

According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, it takes over one year and four months for a woman's earnings to equal that of a man's.

"Being undervalued in one job can condemn a women to a cycle of being suppressed by her wages for the rest of her career", Baskin said. In 2017, women were 21% more likely to achieve top performer status than men, compared to 12% more likely in 2015. "When we first started talking about this, the average full time working woman was earning 59 cents on average", she observed. Even though this is a huge difference in California within pay, the state is still considered one of the top three most equal paid states alongside NY, where Latina and Black Women are paid $21-27 thousand less than men. It is also seemingly hard to collect more efficient data on indigenous communities because they are a notoriously understudied group with relatively small populations. But the most immediate beneficiaries will be white and Asian women, who earn 79 cents and 87 cents to every white man's dollar, respectively. If women were paid the same as men, for instance, the poverty rate among working women would decrease from 8.0% to 3.8%, according to the Institute for Women's Policy Research. For women of color, that percentage is even higher.

This new analysis uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and finds that California has the second smallest cents-on-the-dollar gap in the nation. Compared with their white male counterparts, black women in North Carolina lose over $18,000 to the wage gap, and Latina women face a deficit of over $25,000 every year.

Shayanne Gal  Business Insider
Shayanne Gal Business Insider

Bacardi-owned Scotch whisky business John Dewar & Sons reported a wage gap of 6.2%, which means that women earn 94p for every £1 men earn. The Fair Pay order included two rules that impacted women workers: paycheck transparency and a ban on forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment, sexual assault, or discrimination claims.

Senator Kristin Corrado (R- Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic) stated that "I am honored to stand with women across New Jersey in the fight for equal pay for equal work".

So how big is the wage gap? It was once said that "the female half of the human race is doubly oppressed under capitalism".

Myth #1: Women make less money because they prefer flexible jobs that prioritize the needs of their family over work.

Tennessee State Representative John Ray Clemmons has introduced equal-pay legislation every year since he was elected in 2014.

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