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You may be able to control future Apple iPhones without touching them

You may be able to control future Apple iPhones without touching them

You may be able to control future Apple iPhones without touching them

According to the latest report by Bloomberg, Apple is trying out new screen gestures to make iPhones stand out in future.

The new gesture control allows iPhone users to perform tasks without touching smartphone's screen and this could add another layer of controls on top of Apple's 3D Touch.

In its report, Bloomberg notes that both features are only in an experimental phase and that they may not necessarily come to new iPhones. Air Gestures have been around since the launch of the Galaxy S4. So, we can say that we cannot see this technology in near future.

Apple's iPhone X has an OLED screen that curves slightly at the bottom but isn't detectable. But Bloomberg's sources claim the iPhone's display will curve "inward gradually from top to bottom", which is very different from screens on Samsung's flagships, which have curved side edges. A simple wave of a hand across the screen would let the user take calls and flip through web-pages. But unlike the Samsung, Apple's implementation of the curved screen will be different.

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The iOS 11.4 update is live for developers those enrolled in Apple's Beta Software Program.

A Google unit is also moving forward with a similar technology codenamed "Project Soli".

Apple is by no means the first company to consider curved screens or touchless gestures.

Although curved displays and touchless input may still be years away, greater use of OLED displays is expected this year. The technology for this feature is not based on some motion sensor on the phone's bezel but it is built into the display seamlessly. As Apple analyst Neil Cybart of Above Avalon pointed out in 2016, Apple rarely spends more than $3 billion on research and development in a full year, even four or five years ago. Previous tips concentrated on wearable displays due to their advanced need for such sharp, low-power, and low-latency display technology. It's also possible if gestureless controls work, the entire ecosystem of Apple products could receive the same update.

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