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Huge gender pay gap at HSBC

Huge gender pay gap at HSBC

Huge gender pay gap at HSBC

Companies which failed face legal action and there was a last-minute dash to meet the deadline.

Meanwhile, Dundee-based investment firm Alliance Trust had a -19% pay gap, Scottish Widows -16.5% and Edinburgh-based Tesco Personal Finance was -14.6%. The office has now published these figures.

Specifically, in 2017 the average pay of women working at Rockstar North was 64 percent lower than the average pay of men at the company, while the median hourly rate of Rockstar women (the middle, rather than the average) was 31.8 percent lower than the same for men. The youth brand also reported that its median pay gap is 12.6%.

The National Museums of Scotland was one of the few organisations where women were paid more than men on average (+15%).

But as Theresa May's plan to achieve gender pay equality gets under way, and employers feel forced on pain of public shaming to promote more women into higher positions, those specially selected women will believe their successes are not due to luck or even to their own merit, but to a patronising attempt to pretend that men and women are identical in every way apart from the unfortunate tendency to produce children.

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Prime Minister Theresa May introduced legislation past year to make it compulsory for companies with more than 250 employees to give information about the difference in salary on the gender basis to the Government Equity Office.

Vice informed staff of these figures on Thursday, although the company was not required to do so as none of its individual United Kingdom operations, which include its television division, fashion title iD and production business Pulse, have more than 250 employees, which is the legal cut off to file publicly.

More than 10,000 companies submitted their data, with 78% of the 10,015 firms having a pay gap in favour of men.

The airline says it pays women 71.8 per cent less than men because of the number of United Kingdom pilots it employs - 546 male and only eight female.

Creasy told The Guardian: "Women are already telling us that they are being told not to ask hard questions about this for fear of affecting their careers and we want to be clear that trying to silence employees isn't the right response".

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