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Moscow claims return of more than 40000 people to Syria's Ghouta

Moscow claims return of more than 40000 people to Syria's Ghouta

Moscow claims return of more than 40000 people to Syria's Ghouta

The expected loss of Eastern Ghouta will deal Syria's fragmented rebels their biggest blow yet, leaving them unable to threaten President Bashar Assad in Damascus and increasingly subservient to competing global interests.

Eastern Ghouta, a 105-square-km agricultural region consisting of several towns and farmlands, used to be occupied by several rebel groups, who posed the last threat to the capital by firing shells into Damascus' government-controlled neighborhoods.

Jaish al-Islam has not confirmed any deal with the Syrian government over eastern Ghouta.

However, Jaish al-Islam has yet to confirm the report and only said on Saturday that it had agreed to evacuate the wounded to Idlib in northwestern Syria.

A total of 2,963 militants and their families have evacuated Douma in three batches over the past few days under a deal concluded between the Islam Army and the Syrian government forces under Russia's mediation.

Fighters from the Army of Islam would evacuate to Jarablus, a town in the northern Aleppo province that is shared between rebel and Turkish control.

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Egeland said team members described devastation "even worse" than in Homs and Aleppo, cities that were recaptured by Russian-backed Syrian government forces. The source said on Tuesday the government had set a deadline for militants to leave Douma, without saying how long.

"Our position is consistent and clear", he said.

Later on the same day, the head of Jaish al-Islam's political office, Yaser Dilwan, said that negotiations were ongoing and seemed optimistic, but did not offer any details other than to say that different options were suggested.

On Sunday, the Syrian government-linked Central Military Media outlet said that once the evacuations are completed, a local council for Douma will be formed with the approval of the central government.

At a ceremony marking the conclusion of the aid delivery on Wednesday, Chinese Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin expressed China's commitment to continued humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

The most recent Syrian air and ground offensive on eastern Ghouta, supported by Russia's military, has killed at least 1,600 people, according to the Observatory. Thousands chose the north, taking their families with them.

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