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British Airways announces gender pay gap figures

British Airways announces gender pay gap figures

British Airways announces gender pay gap figures

So far 78% of employers who have submitted their data have a gender pay gap, compared to 8% who have none and 14% who have one in favour of women.

Government regulations introduced earlier this year require employers with 250 or more employees (including those who are self-employed), to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

Rachel Lord, head of Europe, Middle East and Africa for the world's biggest asset manager, BlackRock, called the government's gender pay gap drive "one of the most important things I've seen around equality in the last 30 years".

Companies that miss the deadline could face legal action including court orders and fines, but only after being given more than a month's grace period.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), whose job it is to impose sanctions on non-complying firms, said it will write to employers that have not submitted their figures on April 9, giving them 28 days to do so "before an investigation takes place and an unlawful act notice is issued".

Justice official authorized Mueller to investigate whether Manafort colluded with Russia
Yanukovych had imprisoned Tymoshenko, a political rival, after a gas supply controversy in 2009 involving Russian Federation . Tuesday's sentencing hearing was the first of the Mueller investigation since the special counsel was appointed 11 months ago.

Veteran Russian governor Aman Tuleyev resigns over mall fire
The Kremlin has named Tuleyev's deputy, Tsivilev, temporary governor of the region. Reports of children locked inside cinemas also emerged after the incident.

Yankee Stadium is filled with snow, home opener postponed
Roberto Osuna pitched a ideal ninth inning for Toronto, and the Blue Jays picked up their first win of the season. Colon will be the second-oldest Texas player behind Nolan Ryan, who was 46 when he made his final start in 1993.

Women at Sports Direct earn 6.3% less than men, but the gender pay gap is significantly worse when it comes to bonus payments.

It says the disparity is because of the number of United Kingdom pilots it employs - 546 are male and only eight are female.

Gender pay gap refers to the difference between men´s and women´s average earnings across the organisation, expressed as a percentage of men´s earnings.

The Chapter of York's mean pay gap is 1.25 percent - 16.75 percent lower than the national average which is now 18 percent.

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