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Alexa Announcements one-way voice feature rolling out to Echo devices

Alexa Announcements one-way voice feature rolling out to Echo devices

Alexa Announcements one-way voice feature rolling out to Echo devices

Enabling Alexa hands-free on supported Fire tablets is as simple as swiping down from the top of your device's home screen, and pressing the "Alexa Hands-Free" icon from within the quick actions menu. Amazon is rolling out the feature in a software update this week.

Amazon is turning Alexa into a public address system for the home, with Echo speakers now able to make one-way announcements to summon the family down for dinner.

Amazon Key debuted late previous year in select markets as a suite of features centered around in-home delivery for Prime members, and now all of its functionalities except for in-home delivery itself are available nationwide, the company said Thursday.

Announcements can also be made from the Alexa app, as you can see below. Note that this restriction is only for the Fire 7 and HD 8. Most smart speakers depend on either Alexa or Google.

Justice official authorized Mueller to investigate whether Manafort colluded with Russia
Yanukovych had imprisoned Tymoshenko, a political rival, after a gas supply controversy in 2009 involving Russian Federation . Tuesday's sentencing hearing was the first of the Mueller investigation since the special counsel was appointed 11 months ago.

Veteran Russian governor Aman Tuleyev resigns over mall fire
The Kremlin has named Tuleyev's deputy, Tsivilev, temporary governor of the region. Reports of children locked inside cinemas also emerged after the incident.

North and South Korea to hold summit in April
South Korea's leaders leaders credited the president's strategy of maximum pressure for the historic talks. The talks follow the summit earlier this week between Kim and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

The feature essentially turns the tablet into a poor man's Echo Show, the $230 Echo device with a screen. The speakers aren't as good as a full-sized Echo, and tablets don't have the mic array you'd find on an Echo, either.

The tech giant said Alexa could then be used to control video playback, set a timer, control music and other appliances in a smart home, such as connected lights.

With Amazon Key's more basic features having gone nationwide, in-home delivery is likely to follow in the near future.

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