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The 'condom snorting challenge' is an actual thing people are doing

The 'condom snorting challenge' is an actual thing people are doing

The 'condom snorting challenge' is an actual thing people are doing

Just when you thought it could not get worse, teenagers chose to amp up the "Tide Pod Challenge" by trying out the "Condom Challenge:" sticking a condom up their nostrils, inhaling it then pulling it out from their throats, Fox News reported. What could go wrong?

The viral video craze - dubbed "The Condom Challenge" - is striking fear into parents as teenagers record themselves dangerously snorting the rubbers and pulling them through their throats.

"Because these days our teens are doing everything for likes, views and subscribers", Stephen Enriquez, a Texas-based health educator, told the station.

The "Condom Challenge" is not only gross, it's unsafe. That would be as foolish as, well, trying to inhale a condom.

In another case, outlined in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, a 26-year-old woman inadvertently swallowed a condom and a piece of it traveled to her appendix.

The trend has proven to be risky, as snorting a condom up your nose poses both a choking hazard and risks of allergic reactions and infections, Forbes reported. As Kens5 puts it, "There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, but the line isn't so fine when people snort condoms". "Anything else that goes up your nose can damage the sensitive inner lining of your nose, cause an allergic reaction, or result in an infection".

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"Even if you successfully complete the challenge and pull the condom out your mouth, the bottom line is that it's incredibly irritating and a good chance it will wreak havoc on your sinuses, nasal passages, and upper airway", Glatter said.

"Would it really be worth all that just to get more like and views?"

For some, yes. That's why health experts are warning parents about such social media challenges. Eventually YouTube started flagging videos that showed up regarding the challenge.

It wrote: "Newest teen challenge: Snorting condoms then pulling them out of their mouths (Fad dates back several years but recently gone viral again) #whatever". That led to a rash of poisonings, with 142 reported by poison-control centers in January alone.

Despite having been round more than a decade, the so-called "Condom Challenge" is making a comeback.

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