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NFL Cheerleader's Discrimination Case Shows How Sexist the League Really Is

NFL Cheerleader's Discrimination Case Shows How Sexist the League Really Is

NFL Cheerleader's Discrimination Case Shows How Sexist the League Really Is

Bailey Davis filed a discrimination complaint against the football team with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, according to the Associated Press.

The cheerleader was sacked in January just four days after sharing a photo of herself in a one-piece outfit to her private Instagram page. The cheerleaders being strictly regulated to avoid football players is in the franchise's eyes to protect them, but the regulation enforced the ideology that women are the cause of anything bad happening to them. According to Davis, the Saints employee handbook and internal team emails and text messages Davis provided the Herald-Tribune, cheerleaders are prohibited from posting seminude or lingerie pictures to social media accounts, which must be set to private to keep players distant.

Bailey Davis said she was sacked after three years with the National Football League team, who claimed she had violated its extremely strict code of conduct.

The rules are so strict that the Cheerleaders can not give utter a word except greetings. As one might suspect, the players can follow whomever they damn well please on social media. If they do bump into a player in public, the cheerleader must leave, even if the player arrived second.

As puritanical and paternalistic as it seems to fire someone over a bathing-suit photo on Instagram, the Saints' reported rules for cheerleaders actually get worse than that.

"If the cheerleaders can't contact the players, then the players shouldn't be able to contact the cheerleaders", Blackwell said.

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On social media, cheerleaders also are required to block players from following them.

"The Saints did respond to Today with a statement, claiming it holds itself to a standard which states that "[we] do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and it specifically denies that Ms. Davis was treated differently on account of her sex". Four days later, according to Davis, she was sacked.

"At the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum, the Saints will defend the organization's policies and workplace rules", Leslie A. Lanusse, a lawyer representing the Saints organization, said in an e-mail to the New York Times.

Saints players, meanwhile, are allowed to follow any account they choose and do not have to make their profiles private. "This does not help your case". Davis has also requested a hearing with the NFL's commissioner following her termination from the squad this year for posting what team officials deemed a provocative post on Instagram. "I'd expect you to know better".

An attorney for the Saints denied all allegations of gender discrimination. Her Saintsations, the Saints cheerleading uniform, is more skin-baring than her one-piece suit. As the New York Times noted, the Buffalo Bills are in hot water for telling its cheerleaders to do jumping jacks during tryouts to see how toned their bodies were.

A group of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders won a $825,000 lawsuit against the team in 2015 after one member alleged she was paid less than $2 an hour while with the team for two seasons. However, Davis can't sue the Saints because she signed an arbitration agreement, giving up that right.

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