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'Students armed with rocks': PA school-shooter defense plan gets creative

'Students armed with rocks': PA school-shooter defense plan gets creative

'Students armed with rocks': PA school-shooter defense plan gets creative

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to join rallies in Washington and around the country on Saturday calling for tighter gun laws in "March for Our Lives" protests organized by the young survivors of the Parkland shooting.

Students are encouraged to arm themselves with a stone and get out of the shooter's line of sight rather crawl under their desks, which the president of the district believes makes them more vulnerable.

What is only a part of Blue Mountain's plan to deal with an intruder is being mistaken for the whole, the district's superintendent said Friday.

"We always strive to find new ways to keep our students safe", Blue Mountain School District Superintendent David Helsel said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The idea of children being provided river rocks to throw at armed intruders is both a deeply sad argument for gun control laws to be implemented, and a savage indictment of how under-resourced certain public schools in the USA are. He said the rocks are seen as a last resort.

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Helsel noted that schools also conduct active shooter and evacuation drills, but the stones are available if a teacher puts a classroom on lockdown, according to the affiliate station.

According to some throwing rocks at a shooter could result in them becoming more aggressive.

"Throwing rocks, it's an option".

"It's absurd, arm the teachers", said a parent in Schuylkill Haven.

He stressed that doors have been re-enforced, making them hard to break through, and students have also been trained in "barricading the doors" to make breaching them even more hard. Dr. Helsel says that one stone can inflict a lot of pain and distract a shooter. This included "shifts in staff in the elementary school, reduction of overloads at the middle school, as well as a cut of 1.9 full time equivalent (or FTE) teachers, media resources at the high school and middle school, one FTE in the Connections program, one high school librarian FTE (and) one possible high school FTE".

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