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Cambridge Analytica breach results in lawsuits filed by angry Facebook users

Cambridge Analytica breach results in lawsuits filed by angry Facebook users

Cambridge Analytica breach results in lawsuits filed by angry Facebook users

He admitted it "was a major breach of trust", and that he was "really sorry that this happened".

The leaders of a key House committee are calling on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify about a privacy scandal involving a Trump-connected data-mining company.

The British firm Cambridge Analytica is accused of using information from a third party, even after assuring Facebook the data would be deleted. In one of them, he also said, somewhat reluctantly, that he'd be willing to appear in front of Congress to testify.

"I am actually not sure we shouldn't be regulated", the Facebook co-founder and chief executive told CNN.

With Facebook already under fire for allowing fake news to proliferate during the U.S. election, Zuckerberg also said "we need to make sure that we up our game" ahead of midterm Congressional elections in November, in which American officials have warned Russian Federation can be expected to meddle as it did two years ago.

Facebook shares pared gains on Wednesday after Zuckerberg's post, closing up 0.7%.

Facebook said it discovered last week that CA may not have deleted the data as it certified.

The comments came a day after Zuckerberg apologized during a CNN interview.

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In 2007, we launched the Facebook Platform with the vision that more apps should be social. Facebook was unable to answer many questions, two aides who attended the briefing said.

He told the Times that the company had deployed unspecified new artificial intelligence to fight bad actors in the recent Alabama Senate election: "In previous year, in 2017 with the special election in Alabama, we deployed some new A.I. tools to identify fake accounts and false news, and we found a significant number of Macedonian accounts that were trying to spread false news, and were able to eliminate those".

"This was a breach of trust between Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook", he wrote in his Facebook post.

In response, the Facebook creator promised the company would conduct a "full forensic audit" to find out exactly which apps went too far and gained access to user data before tighter rules were implemented in 2014.

Meet the whistleblower blowing the lid off Facebook & Cambridge Analytica.

However, the academic who provided the data disputed that on Wednesday. "But I think the reality is it's not that", psychologist Aleksandr Kogan, an academic at Cambridge University, told the BBC in an interview.

But by putting a tool on top of the News Feed that shows everyone what apps they've installed, Facebook is reminding users that their data is being shared and used.

The company uses a method known as "psychographs". The exact data varies app to app but can include your name, birthday and email address - or vastly more personal data, such as private messages and a list of your friends. He explained that it is in his company's best interest to hold on to user data, because it gives Facebook a competitive advantage. He says the data firm approached him for the project and assured him that everything he did was legal.

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