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Apple: BlueFin Slashes iPhone Estimates for 2018; 'Challenging' Environment

Apple: BlueFin Slashes iPhone Estimates for 2018; 'Challenging' Environment

Apple: BlueFin Slashes iPhone Estimates for 2018; 'Challenging' Environment

Analysts John Donovan and Steve Mullane of the boutique BlueFin Research Partners this morning report that they are cutting numbers again for the iPhone, in particular the iPhone X, after chopping their numbers back in February. It is supposed to be an upgrade to the existing iPhone X. The most interesting fact about this device is that Apple has made a decision to keep its initial manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) much lower than that of iPhone X. According to a report by Apple Insider, Apple was theorized to ship a "blush gold" iPhone X previous year, but purportedly decided against it in light of production problems. Lin also feels that the 5.85-inch OLED iPhone model can be launched as the cheapest one and the major difference between the three will be of the RAM memory. A few months ago, a report said that Apple is working on a secret iPhone project with LG so that Samsung can't have access to it. This could be an indication for Apple fans to expect a price drop from the massive $999 price point of the iPhone X that was launched a year ago.

Ultimately, Apple would likely outsource production of its new screen technology to minimize the risk of hurting its bottom line with manufacturing snafus.

The report is based on supply chain sources and states that Apple is speeding up the trial production to continue with the delivery schedules of the upcoming iPhone models so that there would be available supply for pre-orders.

In Apple's case, perfecting MicroLED screen production would remove the need to rely on companies including Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp, and LG Display. This means that the iPhone X successor with 5.8-inch OLED display could xost much lesser that the $999 iPhone X. The third option, meanwhile, will have an edge-to-edge display and Face ID similar to the iPhone X but with an LCD display and aluminum edges.

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Ray Soneira, who runs screen tester DisplayMate Technologies, says bringing the design in-house is a "golden opportunity" for Apple. How, then, might Apple price the larger iPhone X Plus?

Lin also believes the 5.85-inch OLED iPhone may be the cheapest of the three new devices.

It is rumored that the affordable version might be a new iPhone SE, a series we haven't seen since 2016. Just yesterday, amateur graphic design Benjamin Geskin suggested a new Blush Gold color for the 2018 iPhone X. Geskin doesn't exactly have the best track record in terms of predictions and rumors, but he's quite incessant with them.

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