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12 times United was America's most hated airline

12 times United was America's most hated airline

12 times United was America's most hated airline

United has suffered a string of incidents that generated bad publicity in the previous year, including the violent removal of a passenger from a United Express plane to make room for a crew member, and the death of a giant rabbit - its Iowa owners sued the airline, which they said cremated the animal to destroy evidence about the cause of death.

Prosecutors said in a statement they won't decide whether or not to press charges until the investigation is completed.

As for the Kansas City-Japan mix-up, Swindle said she thinks United might have footage of the mistake transfer and said it doesn't know how the mix-up occurred.

As of April, United plans to start issuing bright colored bag for the customers that are traveling with an animal inside the cabin.

"'It's a dog, it's a dog.' He can't breathe up there.' And she said, 'It doesn't matter, it still goes up there", Sophia, the girl who lost her pet, explained the flight attendant's situation.

"At this point, all I can do is be hopeful that my dog is going to be OK and return safely", said Kara Swiindle. I'm hoping they can put something into policy so that this will never happen again.

"She said that she did not know there was a dog in the bag, and if so she never would have instructed it to be put in the bin above", the passenger said.

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"By the end of the flight, the dog was dead".

The airline's animal troubles compound a public relations nightmare triggered a year ago, when a male passenger who refused to give up his seat for an airline employee was dragged out of his seat and down the aisle of a parked United plane.

In a statement to CBS affiliate KCTV, United said "an error occurred during connections in Denver for two pets sent to the wrong destinations". "We remain in contact with the family to express our condolences and offer support".

Here's how the magazine summed up United's recent shameful record: "Last year, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel died in a United plane's cargo hold when the flight was delayed on the tarmac-also in Houston-for two hours". In 2017, two dozen pets died on US commercial flights, of those, 18 died on an United flight.

That amounts to a rate of less than one animal incident for every 10,000 animals flown.

United Airlines is coming under fire after claims that a flight attendant forced a family to put their 10-month-old puppy in an overhead bin, where it died.

Alaska Airlines carried nearly 115,000 animals past year and reported just two deaths and one lost animal, the data show.

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