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WATCH As Hillary Clinton Slips on Staircase (TWICE) in India

WATCH As Hillary Clinton Slips on Staircase (TWICE) in India

WATCH As Hillary Clinton Slips on Staircase (TWICE) in India

"Even though Hillary Clinton had help going down a set of stairs in India today, she still almost fell down", the American Mirror claimed. "She's in India", Behar asked.

In fact, Clinton characterized the Trump voter as a person who, "You know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women, you know, getting jobs". Notice she did not say anything about how fewer black men (82 percent) voted for her than black women (94 percent).

"Now he's launching a trade war with tariffs, with no thought to it", she said, alarmed that the president was leading the country with "shoot from the hip" behavior.

"She ran one of the worst campaigns ever, McCain said. I think at this point if you can't stop making this about virtue-signaling and race, a lot of it was about poverty, a lot of it was about the economy, a lot of it was this anti-Washington sentiment, anti-establishment sentiment that we should've seen growing within the Tea Party".

According to FOX News, even some Democrats, including Clinton's former 2008 campaign manager Patty Solis Doyle criticized her speech, "I love HC, but I'm exhausted of hearing who/what she blames 4 loss".

Cardinals To Sign Sam Bradford
The Cardinals are set to sign former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford , according to multiple reports Tuesday. He has a career 34-45-1 record as a pro, which includes stints with the Rams , Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles .

Syrian army cleaves rebel enclave of eastern Ghouta
If the Security Council is unable to adopt the resolution, then the U.S.is ready to take matters into their own hands. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told Reuters . "However, they still lie, and very loudly so".

Selection Committee Reveals The First Team Out Of The NCAA Tournament Field
Who We Like: Davidson's motion offense is rolling right now and the Wildcats' 2-3 zone gave the Rams' fits earlier this season. Points in the paint were controlled by Saint Joseph's, with 40 points, compared to Rhode Island's 28.

Despite flip-flopping on trade and ultimately campaigning against the Transpacific Partnership trade deal that President Barack Obama proposed, Clinton appeared to back widespread trade deals again.

"Is that the commentary of someone who feels good about themselves in their lives and their future?" Clinton was on her way out of Jahaz Mahal, built during the rule of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din Khilji, when she slipped after she lost her balance despite an aide helping her down. You dont like women, you know, getting jobs. When women didn't have rights?

Hostin attempted to understand Clinton's remarks by saying that studies had shown married men were more likely to vote Republican and their wives joined them because of "common economic interest".

"The argument doesn't hold water. It's awful, you can't vote for that, '" she complained.

And Rep. Joe Crowley, D-NY told "Morning Joe's" Joe Scarborough, "I think the focus really now for the DNC has to be not about what happened in the last election but about the national election now, and that's in individual congressional districts, it's hand-to-hand combat". The footage caused some to question her ability to continue campaigning, while others claimed its release was meant to undermine her candidacy.

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