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'American Idol' 2018: What Does The Season 16 Winner Get?

'American Idol' 2018: What Does The Season 16 Winner Get?

'American Idol' 2018: What Does The Season 16 Winner Get?

Will Ryan Seacrest be on the show? After just one short year off from its regular TV cycle the Idol series is back for its 16th season!

Asking the new iteration of "American Idol" to entirely reinvigorate interested in the dated concept may be too demanding.

But insofar as all three judges have an abundance of success, charisma and stature, they can definitely make improvements in the weeks ahead. Let us know by grading them in our poll.

No, they are not throwaway "nice judges". The Season 16 premiere airs tonight and you definitely want to catch this live. You have different contestants. What else will change about the show? Last spring, producers were reportedly trying to woo "Idol" first-season victor Kelly Clarkson to be a judge, but then NBC's "The Voice" offered her so much money that she jumped ship. You have to, like, light yourself on fire on Instagram while singing. And now, after 10 years and a lot of aging and learning and providence, I can take all that information and really mentor and give constructive criticism, because that's really what we do. On the other side of that, though, we would've be shocked to see the series bringing in around a 1.5 and needed some of these DVR ratings in order to bring the show back to a 1.8. And since Perry and Richie aren't really that extreme, Bryan doesn't offer too much in the premiere, outside of generalized Nashville charm.

Lionel Richie said his answer is very simple, it's the teaching aspect to share his vast experience.

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The producers won't say whether the 22-year-old Sweetwater resident made it to the so-called Hollywood Week or anything beyond that. "I thought about it and I said, 'How many people are actually going to read it?' Then I thought about Idol reaching people".

"The handsome part about this is the judging".

KATY PERRY: "Really? I think that people are not telling you the truth". "I consider myself the instructor basically". And given all the Disney pixie dust - or wait, is that just glitter from Katy Perry's eye shadow? - that's been sprinkled all over the whole endeavor, the new Idol often may make you want to gag even while it's coaxing tears out of your ducts. He did just that while chatting about his gig on American Idol while hanging out on the set of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday (3/7). More importantly, they bring a real passion and energy to their new roles. Also intact is the goal of finding a music star - one such as Carrie Underwood, who built a blockbuster career after winning "Idol" in 2005 and whose voice-over opens the ABC show. It's a reference that Luke Bryan says he doesn't understand, but the contestant knows, and is emotionally affected by it.

"I sang parts of Techno Cumbia in Spanish and Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato".

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