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Washington governor signs first state law to protect net neutrality

Washington governor signs first state law to protect net neutrality

Washington governor signs first state law to protect net neutrality

But executive orders have been signed by the governors of Hawaii, Montana, New Jersey, New York and Vermont which ban state agencies from doing business with companies violating net neutrality rules.

Foursquare, Etsy, Expa, Shutterstock, Kickstarter and Automattic, which owns WordPress.com, said they would challenge the FCC's new order overturning net neutrality protections in court.

Washington has become the first state to enact its own net-neutrality requirements after USA regulators repealed Obama-era rules created to keep the internet an even playing field.

These rules will prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from slowing down or blocking online content. Democrat Governor Jay Inslee signed the bill (House Bill 2822) this morning, which will officially prohibit ISPs from blocking legal content, apps, and service in the state. For consumer protection advocates and other net neutrality supporters, the bill's passage represents a move toward preserving a "free and open Internet". "It's allowed the free flow of information and ideas in one of the greatest demonstrations in free speech in history, and what's at stake couldn't be more important".

According to the law, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Washington must "publicly disclose information regarding the network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms of its broadband Internet access services".

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Internet providers in Washington are prohibited, with some exceptions, from blocking content, applications, services, or nonharmful devices; impairing or degrading ("throttling") traffic on the basis of content, application, service, or use of nonharmful devices; or favoring some traffic over others in exchange for benefit ("paid prioritization").

This crusade should continue until sense is restored at the Federal Communications Commission, which voted in December to rescind its 2015 net neutrality rules, including the classification of broadband as an essential utility. Inslee called it an example of the state - what he called "the real Washington" - acting to protect consumers after the Federal Communications Commission dropped those protections. The bill passed with a vote of 93 to 5 in the state House, and 35 to 14 in the Senate.

We look forward to the day when net neutrality is no longer an issue at all, but rather simply settled and accepted law that everyone agrees with.

Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, filed a suit federal court in Washington, D.C., last month challenging the FCC's new rules. That's fine. But we know it's a joke. "Washington lawmakers are helping make sure that remains true". It's unclear when Oregon's measure would be signed into law.

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