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Thousands of British homes without water as #SnowThaw bursts pipes

Thousands of British homes without water as #SnowThaw bursts pipes

Thousands of British homes without water as #SnowThaw bursts pipes

Vehicle maker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) also halted production at a auto plant near Birmingham so that water supplier Severn Trent could direct water to schools and hospitals in order to keep them open.

London and the south-east of England have been the hardest hit, with about 13,000 homes in Kent and Sussex and 5,000 homes in London still without water.

Thames Water assured that now they pump an additional 500 million liters of water per day through its network, equivalent to 200 Olympic swimming pools, to solve the problem. A number of water companies appear to have fallen well short on their forward planning and the quality of support and communication they've been providing, leaving some customers high and dry.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, called the water shortage "unacceptable".

In the Commons, Thames Water was criticised for failing to contact residents and tell them how they could collect bottles of water.

A spokeswoman for Thames Water said: "Our customers who are without water are our top priority, and we asked for support and understanding from everyone else last night to help save as much water as possible".

The utility company apologised to customers who have had now water for several days now, in particular in the south of the capital.

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The Conservative MP added that companies "have shielded themselves from scrutiny" for "too long".

So far, 71 leaks have been repaired and a further 100 identified.

Water companies insisted they were doing all they could to get the water flow back to normal, as they worked to fix burst pipes and leaks as the weather became milder.

A spokesman said: "Throughout the day we expect around 4,000 customers in these areas will experience no water or low pressure as we work to get the system up and running again".

"We want to let those customers know that water companies are working hard as they can to stabilise the situation. This was as a result of an unprecedented number of burst pipes in the area from the recent thaw".

The British Meteorological Office (Met Office) noted that the country faces the coldest winter since 1991.

Showers are expected to come in overnight and "may turn to snow over the hills", but in towns and cities across the Midlands and Southern England, temperatures are expected to stay between seven and 10 degrees tomorrow.

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