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Barnier Aide Casts Doubt on Key Plank of May's Brexit Plan

Barnier Aide Casts Doubt on Key Plank of May's Brexit Plan

Barnier Aide Casts Doubt on Key Plank of May's Brexit Plan

Although she described the summit in Brussels as "a good and very open meeting", she said their current draft legal text on the Irish border "has omissions in it, it also overreaches in other areas". "That is his interpretation, we don't think it is a fair interpretation of the joint report from December", she said.

The Irish prime minister reiterated his preference for a seamless border in Ireland, on the basis of a "deep relationship" between the European Union and the U.K, which is a reference to Single Market membership.

The DUP leader met with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator today and insisted his current proposals to avoid a hard border are "utterly unacceptable" and would be "economically catastrophic" for the province.

The U.K. should present new text to the European Union to break a potential logjam in Brexit talks, Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster said. "There will be a need to negotiate".

Mr Varadkar added: "We will of course have negotiations about what could be done to avoid a hard border, but what we won't be getting into is a negotiation with the United Kingdom, or a three-way negotiation".

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"But I've always maintained, and I have done since the referendum, that what we want to see in Northern Ireland is a sensible way forward".

"There are many examples of different arrangements for customs around the rest of the world and indeed we are looking at those, including for example the border between the United States and Canada", the UK Prime Minister replied.

However, she has yet to bring forward a realistic alternative - even suggesting in the House of Commons that a border system similar to that employed between the USA and Canada could be considered. Addressing a press conference in Dublin, Varadkar argued that "an armoured border with physical infrastructure, customs posts and people in uniform with arms and dogs" was inappropriate for Ireland.

"That is definitely not a solution that we can possibly entertain", Vardakar said.

A Sinn Féin delegation travelled to Brussels yesterday for talks with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.
Following the meeting, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald said she raised the "continued frustration" at the lack of clarity on solutions for the Irish border.

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