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1.5 mn penguins discovered on remote Danger Islands

1.5 mn penguins discovered on remote Danger Islands

1.5 mn penguins discovered on remote Danger Islands

Located off the Antarctic peninsula's northern tip, these islands are both incredibly remote and surrounded by thick sea ice.

At the point when the gathering landed in December 2015, they discovered countless winged animals settling in the rough soil, and promptly began to count up their numbers by hand.

Researchers estimate the Danger Islands hold the largest colonies of Adelie penguins in Antarctica and the third- and fourth-largest colonies in the world.

You might think it would be hard to miss one and a half million penguins. Up until now, there were fears the penguin species was declining rapidly due to climate change. Fishing boats have not endangered the penguins' access to the krill they feed on.

Scientists have reported the discovery of a supercolony of Adelie penguins in Antarctica which host more than 1.5 million birds. While a previous geological expedition30 noted the presence of Adélie penguins on all of the Dangers Islands (with the exception of Darwin Island, which was not visited), the presence of Adélie penguins on several of these islands went largely unrecognized until a recent Landsat satellite survey of the Antarctic identified several large penguin colonies supporting what appeared to be almost 200,000 Adélie penguin nests.

And the researchers believe the island-based birds seem to be more protected from the climate change-driven effects from reduced ice and reduced foodstocks that have been linked to major reductions of Adelie penguins in colonies on the western side of the peninsula, said Michael Polito, an assistant professor in LSU's Oceanography and Coastal Sciences department, during a Friday interview about the study.

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Heather Lynch (Heather Lynch) from stony brook University in NY.

"You can then stitch them together into a huge collage that shows the entire land mass in 2D and 3D", said Hanumant Singh, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusett, who developed the drone's imaging and navigation system. And how do you find 1.5 million penguins?

Not only is this an incredible reminder that we still have so much yet to uncover about the planet we live in, it also provides scientists with hope. However, the discovery is providing new insights into the penguin species. "We want to understand why. This is new to us and it is just a fact that we have overlooked them".

After heading to the remote island in December 2015 to investigate, the professors, along with a seabird ecologist from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in MA and other experts, said they found hundreds of thousands of birds nesting in the rocky soil.

Rod Downie at WWF said, "This exciting discovery shows us just how much more there still is to learn about this awesome and iconic species of the ice".

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