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Melania Trump Received US Residency Through 'Einstein Visa'

Melania Trump Received US Residency Through 'Einstein Visa'

Melania Trump Received US Residency Through 'Einstein Visa'

This photo of Donald and Melania is from 2001, the same year she got her green card to the USA for "extraordinary ability".

Melania Trump applied and received her green card through the EB-1 program, according to the Washington Post, which was traditionally given to immigrants who were known for academic research, business acumen, as well as Olympic athletes, Oscar-winning actors, and those who had sustained "international acclaim".

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has called First Lady Melania Trump a "an alleged former hooker", and referred to her USA citizenship as an "immigration con", in a new Twitter post. The former model had been featured in runway shows in Europe and had been included in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

The special visa paved the way for Melania's parents to move to the US via "chain migration", a practice which President Trump now aims to end.

You can read all of the Washington Post's report here.

"We called it the Einstein visa", former Rep. Bruce Morrison (D-Conn.), at the time the chairman of the House subcommittee that wrote the Immigration Act of 1990 defining EB-1, told the newspaper.

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"There is no reason to adjudicate her petition publicly when her privacy is so important to her", Wildes said.

"CHAIN MIGRATION must end now!"

Another immigration expert, Sarah Pierce of the Migration Policy Institute, said to meet the "extraordinary ability" category of the EB-1, it is "generally thought that only the top 2 percent in their field would qualify", such as those who won the Nobel Prize, the newspaper reported.

"What did she submit?" asked David Leopold, an immigration lawyer and a past president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The first lady came to the United States from Slovenia in 1996, first briefly on a visitor's visa and then on work visas, according to Wildes. While these were certainly high-profile accomplishments, Knauss was not well-known in the fashion industry, according to the Post article. Once she began dating her now-husband, Trump started to slowly walk away from the modeling world.

Melania reportedly dropped out of college during her freshman year before becoming a model, so Rose (and many others) question how she was awarded an Einstein Visa.

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