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42 percent of nonsmokers say they should get extra vacation days

42 percent of nonsmokers say they should get extra vacation days

42 percent of nonsmokers say they should get extra vacation days

The enormous water cooler point today: Should non-smokers get additional vacation days to measure up to the time smokers take amid the work day for cigarette breaks?

But a survey done by e-cigarette maker Halo suggests there's a big divide in the workforce over the fairness of allowing some staff members to stand on the street and smoke while others remain at their desk working.

Nearly 75 percent percent of nonsmokers said smoke breaks are not fair, while more than 81 percent of smokers said smoke breaks are fair.

Almost 42 percent of nonsmoking respondents said nonsmokers should earn an extra three to five days of vacation, while only 28 percent of smokers agreed. More than 60 percent of the smokers agreed. When asked how many extra vacation days should be offered to nonsmokers to make up for that, 38 percent of smokers and 20 percent of nonsmokers said none should be offered.

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Smoking where you work is a divisive topic, but research shows the average smoker wastes about six days a year on cigarette breaks. They also broke the numbers down by industry. Be that as it may, 14 percent said at least 6 days would be sufficient.

The lost time can affect finances, too.

One company has already implemented new incentives to boost work output.

As far as smokers giving up their smoke breaks?

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