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More rains forecast for IL as flooding continues

More rains forecast for IL as flooding continues

More rains forecast for IL as flooding continues

Almost 100 kilometres away, the City of Brantford, Ont., declared a state of emergency and evacuated people from homes and businesses in certain neighbourhoods due to the Grand River flooding.

Residents were being advised that should their water be discoloured to run their cold water tap nearest where the service comes into the house i.e. a laundry room tap.

The child went missing after a auto was swept into the Grand River near Orangeville on Wednesday.

Owensboro Parks and Recreation Director Amanda Rogers said crews will begin sandbagging critical risk areas in Smothers Park soon. There also is space available for parking trucks and trailers.

Also, Bald Eagle Township is asking residents to use only minimal amounts of water, to postpone laundry, dishwasher loads and the like, because the sewer system is nearing maximum capacity in certain areas. A second shelter was opened in the gymnasium of Assumption College at 257 Shellard's Lane.

A southwest Arkansas river is threatening to overflow its banks and could flood more than a hundred homes.

"It is never worth your personal safety for a view of the river ... stay away from the river", he said at a news conference.

"This is not a viewing spectacle".

Kratom salmonella outbreak across 20 states prompts CDC warning
State and federal officials are investigating the outbreak but have not yet identified specific kratom brands or suppliers. Person-to-person transmission can occur if an uninfected person comes into direct contact with another person.

Zainab's killer handed four death sentences
The prosecution presented more than 10 witnesses before the court and more prosecution witnesses were summoned for February 13. An organisation which works for child protection, revealed that almost 10 cases of child abuse a day is reported in Pakistan.

COAS Gen Bajwa reaches Kabul to attend Chief of Defense Conference
However, once the two-member delegation returned to Afghanistan, the air of hostility resumed with accusations against Pakistan. In a statement the military's media wing said the army chief will participate in the Chief of Defense Conference.

In Parkersburg, the river level was at 32.2 feet.

A large section of the Ohio River is forecast to crest at major flood stage with minor/moderate flooding as early as Saturday afternoon. The ice jam then compounded downstream in Brantford.

City officials have dispatched someone to the Indigenous community of Six Nations, about an hour from Brantford, Ont., to share real-time information on flood conditions.

Speaking to reporters, she said the province had yet to ascertain the full extent of the damage from the flooding and praised local authorities for their role in managing public safety.

"It doesn't need to reach my house", Miller said. "We will do everything we can to support the efforts here". Only areas impacted by the floodwaters will be closed to the public, she added.

- Flooding swamped more roadways and basements Friday along the Ohio River and forecasters expected the river to reach levels not seen since the region's deadly 1997 floods.

And the Ausable and Bayfield River flows will remain high through the weekend. That's considered moderate flooding, which is not very common in that area, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Wayne Hoepner.

Our first round of rainfall will arrive overnight and linger through 7:00 A.M. ET or 8:00 A.M. ET Friday morning.

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