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Google faces lawsuit for firing critic of anti-diversity memo

Google faces lawsuit for firing critic of anti-diversity memo

Google faces lawsuit for firing critic of anti-diversity memo

Tim Chevalier, a software developer and former site-reliability engineer at Google, claims that Google fired him when he responded with internal posts and memes to racist and sexist encounters within the company and the general response to the now-infamous James Damore memo.

Chevalier has claimed that he had always advocated for the rights of women and minorities but his seniors started criticising him for his attempts. He had worked at Google for a little under two years.

Damore has claimed he was sacked for challenging the company's "ideological echo chamber". Chevalier subsequently complained, and was encouraged to consider leaving and told that "working at Google was not for everyone".

Damore was sacked over the memo that Google also said violated its codes of conduct, and returned fire with a class-action lawsuit claiming the company actively discriminates against conservative white men. He filed a lawsuit in January in which he charged the company with discrimination against white, conservative men. In August 2017, Damore was sacked from Google, and he recently lost his filing at the National Labor Relations Board.

Google however defended its termination, explaining in an emailed statement to IT Pro that spiky debates were embedded into the company's culture but when lines were crossed the company would act "without any regard to the employee's political views".

"But like any workplace, that doesn't mean anything goes", she added. The firm's code of conduct prohibits promotion of harmful stereotypes based on race or gender, said spokeswoman Gina Scigliano. The overwhelming majority of our employees communicate in a way that is consistent with our policies.

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Tim Chevalier, a site reliability engineer, took his former employers to court claiming he was sacked in November 2017 for criticising Damore and promoting diversity on internal forums.

"Human Resources explicitly told Chevalier that Google was ending his employment because of his political statements in opposition to the discrimination, harassment, and white supremacy he saw being expressed on Google's internal messaging systems", the suit claims. News of the lawsuit was earlier reported by Gizmodo.

Chevalier, who identifies as queer and transgender, reportedly called the memo "misogynistic" on internal message boards and offered "politically liberal views to the ongoing political debates between Googlers".

"Ultimately, Google fired Chevalier (in November 2017)", said the lawsuit.

This meant, according to Chevalier, that Google's workplace structure and culture were discriminatory toward minorities, the lawsuit alleges. "Company social networking forums can be incredibly useful, but employers have an obligation to prevent them from becoming a cesspool of bullying and harassment", Lowe said in a press release. Last August, Chevalier and 13 other Google employees were trolled by other employees as a part of a backlash against Damore's firing. A twitter account posted a screenshot of twitter profile of employees, which are color, women, or trans men.

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