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Darrell Davis: Mavs owner, good and bad

Darrell Davis: Mavs owner, good and bad

Darrell Davis: Mavs owner, good and bad

Silver wasn't the only one who took issue with Cuban's admission as Mavericks franchise star and future Hall of Famer, Dirk Nowitzki said he'd "never stand for losing on goal". He spent 18 years with the team.

One main culprit of the alleged misconduct is former Mavs CEO and President Terdema Ussery, a Princeton graduate with a masters from Harvard and a law degree from Cal-Berkeley, who was the subject of numerous complaints. It's heartbreaking. I'm glad it's all coming out.

Nowitzki says he was "disgusted" and "shocked" when he read about all of the allegations. However, Ussery became a subject of a different investigation after several female employees filed formal complaints in 1998.

TMZ reported that the team also came under fire when a former writer for the Mavericks website was able to keep his job despite facing multiple harassment claims.

The NBA also released its own statement to address the issue involving the Mavericks. 'Such behavior is completely unacceptable and we will closely monitor the independent investigation into this matter'.

In May, Cuban said the Mavericks looked to lose as much as they could at the end of last season once the team was out of postseason contention.

Before clamming up Tuesday, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told Sports Illustrated that he was embarrassed of the allegations made against Ussery and Sneed but had no prior knowledge of their behavior or, in Sneed's case, criminal record.

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SI contacted six female former Mavericks or American Airlines Center employees who claimed they left the sports sector because of a structure that left them feeling vulnerable and devalued while protecting powerful men who misbehaved.

Fans of the Dallas Mavericks are now waiting for new updates on the investigation and if Ussery will be proven guilty of committing sexual misconducts. Two women connected with the team told Sports Illustrated that Ussery "harassed them for years".

When Mark Cuban was asked about the allegations, Cuban stated that this is not a situation that the Mavericks condone. It might happen, but you don't play for it.

Ussery was a previous commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association, served as the Mavericks' alternate governor with the NBA and was seen as a rising star in the league on the business side.

"This was, like, a year-and-a-half of tanking, and that was too brutal for me, but being transparent, I think that's the key to being kind of a players' owner and having stability", he added.

The employee "complained to Human Resources".

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