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Iraq seeks $100 billion from donors for post-ISIL reconstruction

Iraq seeks $100 billion from donors for post-ISIL reconstruction

Iraq seeks $100 billion from donors for post-ISIL reconstruction

The Journal published the article on the cost of rebuilding the war-ravaged country ahead of comments by Iraqi officials to global donors during a conference in Kuwait Monday, noting that the World Bank assessment is expected to frame reconstruction arguments during the three-day event.

"If we do not start to invest in children's education today, this generation will be lost and will not be able to contribute to the economy and the security of Iraq when they grow up", Hawkins warned.

The three-day KICRI is due to kick off on Monday and the ministerial meeting of the International Coalition against the IS will be held on February 13. Projects involving education and health for the reconstruction and development of all Daesh-afflicted cities in Iraq, especially Kirkuk, Mosul and Tal Afar, will be presented at the conference.

Since the US-led "War on Terror" and the subsequent invasion of Iraq in 2003, the country has suffered constant unrest and division, most recently as a result of fighting to recapture land held by Daesh.

"The destruction is widespread, despite the resources Iraq has, we need the global community to help us rebuild and to reinvest", said Mr Mehdi Al Alaq, the Secretary General of Iraq's Council of Ministers.

Authorities say they will need $88 billion to rebuild Iraq.

The funding will go toward rebuilding roads, hospitals and government buildings in Iraq, according to a release from Global Affairs.

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U.S. Defence Secretary Jim Mattis echoed those comments, saying the fight against Islamic State had been discussed on Tuesday at a meeting in Rome of about a dozen coalition defence ministers.

Tillerson said he was concerned over recent events in northwest Syria, where Turkey launched an assault last month on a US-allied Kurdish militia it considers a threat on its southern border, adding that he was keenly aware of Turkey's "legitimate security concerns".

Non-governmental organizations have pledged $330 million in humanitarian aid, according to Kuwait state news agency KUNA as reported by Reuters.

"We finished one battle but we are engaged now with a war for reconstruction", said Mustafa al-Hiti, the head of Iraq's reconstruction fund for areas affected by terrorist operations.

Since 2014, the United Nations verified 150 attacks on educational facilities, and around 50 attacks on health centers and their staff.

Iraq has published a list of some 157 projects for which it is seeking private investments at the conference, which some 1,900 delegates representing foreign governments, private firms and NGOs have registered to attend. If you believe in collaboration to produce quality neutral journalism for everyone, it is important that you sign up to support our work financially. We will always be there. "We will also be there in the reconstruction phase", he said.

During his visit, he is expected to stress the importance of involving the Shiite-majority country's Sunni community in national reconciliation ahead of general elections in May, members of the minister's entourage said.

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