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New study shows dangers of drowsy driving

New study shows dangers of drowsy driving

New study shows dangers of drowsy driving

Government figures show 35 percent of U.S. drivers don't get the recommended minimum of seven hours of sleep every night.

According to AAA, if you miss two to three hours of sleep you more than quadruple your chances for an accident.

A new study by AAA suggests that drowsy driving accounts for more accidents than previously thought.

A new report from AAA says that crashes caused by drowsy drivers are higher than federal estimates.

AAA researchers studied videos from cameras mounted in cars of 3,500 drivers looking for signs of fatigue.

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According to the report, 10 percent of all vehicle crashes are linked to driving while drowsy. The driver, she says, admitted that he had fallen asleep.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted the most in-depth drowsy driving research in the USA with in-vehicle dash cameras monitoring over 700 crashes. The scientific analysis found 9.5 percent of all crashes and 10.8 percent of crashes resulting in significant property damage involve drowsiness - compared to federal estimates, which indicate drowsiness is a factor in just 1- to-2 percent of crashes. For more information on this study visit AAA's website.

AAA says driving on five-hours of sleep is equivalent to driving drunk. Pulling into a rest stop and taking a quick catnap - at least 20 minutes and no more than 30 minutes of sleep - can help to keep you alert on the road. Two-thirds were not serious enough to trigger police reports, noted Brian Tefft, a senior research associate at the Washington, D.C. -based AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. They found hundreds of drivers struggling to keep their eyes open minutes before a crash.

AAA recommends that drivers should travel at the times of day when they are normally awake, avoid heavy foods and avoid medication that causes drowsiness or other impairment.

"It's important for drivers to avoid placebos like drinking caffeine, rolling down the window, or singing along to music as methods to fight drowsiness", Conde said.

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