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Canada's Trudeau under pressure to cork provinces' wine, oil row

Canada's Trudeau under pressure to cork provinces' wine, oil row

Canada's Trudeau under pressure to cork provinces' wine, oil row

"I certainly hope we've seen the end of the back and forth", Horgan told a news conference in Victoria on Wednesday.

"I think it was a very ill conceived decision by Premier Horgan in the first place".

"Somebody who is smart enough to motivate and set up a system of social networking, pushing the "support B.C. wines" agenda because they're under threat from Alberta. who knows?"

Meanwhile, the head of Kinder Morgan Canada says the federal government needs to step into a growing trade dispute between Alberta and B.C. over oil exports.

In response, Horgan said he doesn't intend to respond to any provocation from Alberta.

"Our focus has been and will continue to be on affordability for British Columbians", said Horgan. According to the BC Wine Institute, 30 per cent of all wine sold in Alberta is from B.C., with a retail value of more than $160 million.

Investors are losing patience with the delays to Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd.'s $7.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline, the company's president says.

Trudeau jetted off to Chicago Wednesday morning for the first leg of a USA tour where he will discuss how public service can promote closer ties between the US and Canada.

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"We will not let the government of B.C. hold Alberta's and Canada's economy hostage, and jeopardize the economic security of hundreds of thousands of working families across this province and across this country", she said.

Notley linked the ban to the B.C. government's decision to further review the oil-spill risk of the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta through B.C., a move that has an adverse impact on the Alberta economy.

Anderson said he sent a letter this week to Horgan about his concerns for the province's plans and its implications for the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain project that would nearly triple the capacity of the pipeline.

"I think that asserting their federal jurisdiction in whatever manner they determine is most effective and most appropriate is something I'll be looking for, so that we get past the words of support to the actions of support that we're all chasing hard".

Speaking in French after the weekly government caucus meeting, Catherine McKenna said things sometimes happen behind closed doors and that solutions are often more easily found without drama. This escalation of the pipeline dispute is "entirely in the hands of Premier Notley, not me..." "But at the end of the day, that's secondary to my obligations to the people of British Columbia".

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe backed Alberta in its fight but he cautioned against additional trade measures that hurt consumers and private businesses.

"While we have previously stated that Saskatchewan will support Alberta in defending against this attack on our energy industry, Saskatchewan has no plans to participate in retaliatory measures that would be in contravention of our trade commitment". There are issues. The pipeline, all of this, that need to be worked out, but (for) most of us in the industry, it's silly and it's childish.

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