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100 years on, real women's equality remains elusive

100 years on, real women's equality remains elusive

100 years on, real women's equality remains elusive

The Suffragettes risked imprisonment and were dubbed "wild" in their campaign for women's rights to vote, but a century on their stories are being brought out of the shadows.

The conversation has re-emerged as we arrive at the 100 year anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, giving women over 30 and "of property" the right to vote.

Richard High, who works in the Special Collections department at University of Leeds, with the Votes For Women magazine.

It is hard to think of a more inappropriate way to mark that moment than by the government reaching back into the past and taking away from the suffragettes their ability to use the law to highlight the injustice that they were fighting.

A suffragette flag celebrating 100 years of women voting was raised outside Rochdale Town Hall on Tuesday (6 February).

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Rudd said: "It's something that I will look at".

Under the 1918 Representation of the People Act, women over the age of 30 who either owned land themselves or were married to men with property were given the right to vote.

Women's suffrage: Labour will pardon suffragettes convicted while fighting for right to vote, says Jeremy Corbyn
Amber Rudd promises to look at pardoning women who fought for the vote as peer calls for them to be 'celebrated'

The UK suffragette movement was formed around the Women's Social and Political Union which campaigned for the political and economic emancipation of women.

These colours were recognised through people's clothing at the Town Hall as some councillors wore purple dresses and green scarves, as well as "Votes for Women" badges, green and purple hat pins and brooches all representing the suffragette group.

In 1897, various suffragist societies came together under one umbrella, known as the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, led by Millicent Fawcett.

But she stressed it was "complicated" when looking at cases of arson and violence, but promised to analyse individual proposals. In 1902, some Australian women got the right to vote - but the law excluded indigenous women from casting their ballots until 1967. Convictions of suffragettes were politically motivated and bore no relation to the acts committed. "Men internalise these norms that women are in some way inferior and women, that they are less good than men", she said. These women became known as suffragettes and soon made headlines up and down the country. After war broke out with Germany, an estimated two million women took traditionally male jobs, replacing men who had gone to fightPAPankhurst, her sister Mary Jane Clarke, Charlotte Marsh and Jessie Kelly are greeted by crowds after their release from Holloway prison in 1908.

But before the speech, May turned to how she finds her role as prime minister and the growing criticism from both inside and outside her Conservatives that she is not up to the job. After being expelled from the group for her part in labour movement causes and socialist beliefs, she founded her own group, the East London Federation for Suffragettes.

"They are still challenging the norm", she said.

Yet the tides of the Suffrage movement are still surrounded in misinformation and confusion, with several leading members and activists in the movement identifying as lesbian, bi, or simply as women who were attracted to other women.

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