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NEW NUCLEAR POLICY: China accusses U.S. of 'Cold War' mentality

NEW NUCLEAR POLICY: China accusses U.S. of 'Cold War' mentality

NEW NUCLEAR POLICY: China accusses U.S. of 'Cold War' mentality

The Pentagon document, known as the Nuclear Posture Review, also urged Beijing to establish "meaningful dialogue" with Washington.

President Donald Trump ordered Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis to conduct the Nuclear Posture Review one year ago.

"The United States, the country that owns the world's largest nuclear arsenal, should take the initiative to follow the trend instead of going against it", said China's Ministry of Defence in a statement on Sunday.

Trump said the 2018 NPR addresses those challenges.

America's flawed political leadership and planned expansion of nuclear weapons will lead to a major conflict with Russian Federation and China, says a former US foreign policy adviser and diplomat.

The Pentagon is adding low-yield, or less powerful, nuclear weapons to its submarine-launched cruise missile arsenal, and it will also bring back the nuclear sea-launched cruise missile.

The argument for these weapons is that larger nuclear bombs are so catastrophic that they would never be used and do not work as an effective deterrent - but with less power and destruction, the low-yield option would potentially be more likely to be used, serving as an effective deterrent.

◆ Revamping the U.S.

The Pentagon document, which is largely in line with the previous review in 2010, said the United States would modify a small number of submarine-launched ballistic missile warheads with low-yield options.

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The U.S. unveiled the strategy on Friday.

All of these additions and advancements will slowly raise the cost of nuclear deterrence from 2.7 percent of the Defense Department's budget today to 6.4 percent of the department's budget in 2029.

China said it "firmly" opposed the Pentagon's nuclear policy review.

Iran says the move is in violation of the global nuclear non-proliferation treaty and claims it has brought the world closer to annihilation.

"We hope that the United States will abandon its cold war mentality, earnestly assume its special disarmament responsibilities, correctly understand China's strategic intentions and objectively view China's national defence and military build-up", its statement said.

North Korea has continued to pursue nuclear weapons development, and Iran retains much of the capacity needed to develop a nuclear weapon within a year of deciding to do so, according to the review.

The US government issued the medium to long-term nuclear strategy on Friday.

Shanahan argued the clarification was "stabilizing" because he said having a nuclear response option to extreme non-nuclear attacks "lowers the risk of nuclear use by anyone".

If North Korean launches any nuclear attack against the United States or its allies, it will mean "the end of that regime".

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