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Pakistan, Afghanistan joint working groups to meet in Kabul

Pakistan, Afghanistan joint working groups to meet in Kabul

Pakistan, Afghanistan joint working groups to meet in Kabul

The meeting was held in a cordial environment and both delegations made some progress on the APAPPS.

The meeting comes in the backdrop of a series of deadly attacks rattled Kabul, after which a high-level delegation from Afghanistan comprising the interior minister and spy chief had visited Islamabad this week with a "personal message" from President Ashraf Ghani. This announcement hasn't deterred the Taliban or Daesh, both of whom are designated as terrorist groups by Russian Federation, from carrying out more attacks, as they nearly seem determined to taunt the U.S. judging by their spree of attacks over the past two weeks.

In a weekly media briefing on Friday, Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said Pakistan has proposed five joint working groups, focusing on ensuring a comprehensive engagement for countering terrorism, intelligence sharing, military, economy, trade and transit interaction, refugee repatriation and connectivity.

Afghanistan has long accused Pakistan of aiding terrorists by giving shelter and aid to leaders of the Taliban insurgency, a charge denied by Pakistan, which points to the thousands of its own citizens killed by militant violence over the years.

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The first meeting of the Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Working Groups will be held in Kabul on Saturday, an official said.

After the three major militant attacks that took place in Kabul in the past two weeks, the pressure on the country's government has intensified to beef up the security.

The Foreign Secretary has explained the Afghan side that instead of blame game both sides should engage in concrete cooperation.

The foreign minister added that the Afghan delegation, which visited Islamabad on Wednesday, had productive talks with Pakistan. He also highlighted that they have shared a list of individuals who plotted recent attacks in Kabul and expects "practical steps" from Pakistan.

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